my 1st birthday as z and out as transmasc

i’m back and it is my birthday today and i was too busy having a chill day with friends and family to post so i’m posting now.

short video i posted to my YouTube channel

i went to school today and for some reason the boys in my year kept bringing up past school camps and bonding memories of the boys dorms, and it upset me that i missed out on all that bcuz i hadn’t found out my true self yet and i was kinda annoyed that i don’t have many memories like that linking me to being a boy. i mean that my friends have as well as me.

Anyway, i mentioned it to someone and it was fine and i had a great time when i came home as well. i was just watching @Jammidodger, @NOAHFINNCE, @notcorry and @Ty Turner (all my favourite trans masculine and queer influencers) on YouTube.

The Fiddler On The Roof

It is almost the end of the school year (and i will be going to a new school next year!) so we will be performing our school play.

The teachers had asked the students their opinions on what the play should be, but most of their decisions were….. interesting to say the least!

No matter how hard i tried to convince the teachers to let us perform the new version of West Side Story (with the trans masc character of course!) or Hamilton, our class teacher was set on The Fiddler On The Roof.

Today she read out the script with us and to be very honest, I HATED it. So much i was angry and took it out on my friends and family by ranting to them about it and now i want to rant to the Internet about it 🙂

Just the fact that the five daughters of the main character (who is a cis straight, white man. Not shocking) “have” to be married off to rich men! And the matchmaker says this: “The most horrible husband is much better than no husband at all.” This is EXTREMELY sexist and has no regard for saphic women.

i know it was written a long time ago, but we should at least make it more diverse. Like some of the daughters could be trans and in the end, get married to women and come out as lesbians, instead of just working-class men whom they love. And if they do have to marry men at the end, the daughters could propose to them instead of the men getting all cocky and deciding they will marry the daughter and proposing without knowing if that’s what the girls even want!

The script even had all of the daughters clumped together like they were all the same and had no personalities of their own.


More later and i will post a similar post on my yt cuz i still needa rant to u guys cross platform.

i am hanging out with and talking to DJ KJ and eating freshly picked lemons in the backyard now!

Bye! See ya in the next post ♡︎♡︎♡︎♡︎

btw i cut my hair a few days ago and i love it

#transvibes #selflove #genderaffirmation

Recent things from life

So, hi! It‘s me, Z.

i was sick of not posting on my social after coming home from our trip and i just decided im gonna say this and carry on: the vacation video is coming and i just need to hear back from some people before i can post it on my youtube channel, but as soon as i do, i will start working on and talking more about the songs i wrote on the trip.

So in this post, im gonna be talking about some recent stuff that has happened in my life and in the world.

When i got back to the house the other day after the 2 hr drive from the resort, my custom pronoun pin had arrived!

My custom pin i designed online

My family had ordered about 8 other pins that say: “Someone i love is trans.” i felt so loved!

𝚕𝚎𝚊𝚛𝚗𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚝𝚘 𝚕𝚘𝚟𝚎 𝚖𝚢 𝚋𝚘𝚍𝚢 ❤︎︎❤︎︎❤︎︎

i detach my body from all that i am
When i think of u i feel free
Like my body is not me
My heart knows who i truly am
And not affected by it
My mind lets go of that pain when im with u
i latch onto ur energy i feel i need to be with
That beautiful chaos in which i find my freedom
To forget my body’s influence
It never holds me anymore
Because of ur laughter‘s calming roar
i remember im one of ur kind
And accepted as such
And my unique body doesn’t seem like much

I’m on vacation!!!

I have been inactive on my social media because I am on vacation with my cousins. One is named Jazz and her brother who just wants to be mentioned by his handle, will be referred to as Dark_Zelda.

They are kooky, crazy, funny, kind and goofy and we are having a great time together as always!

Vacation vlog coming soon ♡︎♡︎♡︎♡︎


So, guys, i haven’t been posting on my blog since i have been focusing on my YouTube more.

And if u have been up-to-date on my YouTube activity, u would know i’m also working on a new EP for Pride Month!

If u didn’t know, i have changed my pronouns to he/him/Xie/Xier.

To stay updated on the album, please subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow my blog!

Happy pride month! Stay tuned for the new EP!

My Latest Posts

If you can’t visit my YouTube channel for whatever reason, here are some of the singing videos I’ve posted so far:


  • Edited with KineMaster, by Z-Ster
  • Songs written by Melanie Adele Martinez, Ashnikko, Lady Gaga, Leslie Gore etc
  • Posted by The Z-Ster on YouTube
  • Special thanks to my family including Miracle the cat. I would also like to thank Ashnikko, Melanie Martinez, Taylor Swift, Shuba, Jazmin Bean, Marie Ulvhiem (of the girl in red project) and Lady Gaga for inspiring me to sing and live out my dreams
  • I credit the teachers who taught me how to sing, dance and play the piano
  • These videos have been posted to YouTube and my own website

My original song with DJ KJ, My Cat, is coming out soon as well. It has just been written in full. Recording sessions will start soon lol

Halloweenie IV: Innards

Lately, I haven’t been posting much on my blog because I’m focusing on my covers on YouTube. If you haven’t seen them, go and subscribe to my channel.

This is a cover of a song by one of my favourite artists that I couldn’t post on YouTube for some reason:

I also have affiliates with Kieran Lee so go and visit his YouTube channel and other social media platforms. He is a diver, database administrator and EPIC movie fan! Learn the rest on his social media platforms that I will help him manage.

Below are his social media links and handles:

Twitter handle: kieranlee1970

Facebook handle: Kieranu

Bryan Lee

He comes out of my soul and I cannot control him
Bryan Lee, the crazy, the insane, the reckless
I keep him caged, but when you call his name,
He erupts like a volcano.
A trusty friend yet a terror
Bryan Lee is your worst fear
Dark like night with raven-claw-sharp nails.
I am his cloak
He wears me as he wishes and
Whenever you utter his name,
He pulls me off.
Bryan Lee is uncontrollable
Like a badger, he waits in the darkness to pounce.
He does as he pleases and just as he pulls off the cloak of sanity
He says:
“Bryan Lee! Have you got any room for me?”

The story of Isis

Ra created the world with his godly, strong hands. He ruled the world as a mighty pharaoh. He had a secret name only known by his guardian gods, Nut and Geb. Not even mortals who studied him knew this name. No humans on earth were worthy of the name.

Nut and Geb were opposites. Nut was a beautiful sky goddess and Geb was a earthy, grounded god. They had some beautiful children, Osiris, a handsome young god born for greatness and Isis, a beautiful and mysterious young goddess as sharp as a needle and wiser than a million people.

Ra wanted to go back to Heaven, but he could only do that if he gave somebody his secret name. He grew old and still had to rule and he became weary.

Isis studied Ra and longed for his secret name.

Being the clever goddess she was, Isis crept up to Ra with a cobra and the cobra bit Ra.

“Ra, tell me your secret name,” whispered Isis. Ra told her many names, but they were names she had already known.

“Tell me your secret name or the venom will rise up and kill you,” Isis continued to whisper. Ra was exhausted and Isis was determined. Ra sighed his secret name and then told Isis that once her son, Horris, was born she must pass him the secret name. Isis let the venom pass from Ra and Ra left the earth.

Years later, Isis had a young son named Horris like Ra had predicted. She was married to Osiris and she was ruling Egypt and she taught them how to sow seeds and live peacefully. Osiris taught them how to irrigate and write in pictures on papyrus. Seth, Osiris’s evil brother, came to take over Egypt and eventually Isis and Osiris gave in. Seth ruled Egypt and Isis always held her son tight because she was terrified of Seth.

One morning, Isis awoke and heard voices outside the river Nile. Seth was hurling a coffin in the Nile and Isis noticed a blinding flash of light and she knew that inside that coffin was her husband, Osiris. Seth had killed Osiris and was coming for Isis next. After having a quick dream about Thoth telling her where the coffin floated to, Isis took little Horris and left. She found the coffin in a tree. She pried the box open and the love in her heart was so strong that she saw life stirring in her husband’s body. Osiris was alive!

Seeing the life in the mighty pharaoh’s eyes, Seth cut his body in many pieces. Osiris had been killed for a second time. Seth expected the crocodiles to eat the pieces, but they all floated to shore where Isis, a very devoted wife and mother to Horris, picked them all up. The last piece, the heart, was not found. It had sunken to the bottom of the river. Isis would not stop. She fashioned the heart from cedar. She put the pieces together, but Osiris was still dead.

One late night, Osiris came to Horris and told him that he and Thoth were the deciders of who got into heaven. He would weigh the dead Egyptian’s heart by putting the heart on one side and a feather on the other. If the heart was lighter than the feather, the Egyptian would be taken away as they would not be worthy. If the heart was heavier than the feather, the Egyptian had done well and they would be taken to heaven. Thoth would write all of the good deeds and Anubis would weigh the hearts.

In Ancient Egypt, they would always leave the hearts in the mummies so that Anubis could weigh them. They would also be placed in a tomb with a scroll of papyrus called The book of the Dead.

Horris slayed Seth in battle with a knife and became pharaoh shortly before his mother died.

Dealing with mean girls and bullies

Since I have dealt with mean girls and bullies before and know a lot about what it’s like to be made fun of and manipulated, I have written this blog post. It will be a guide for young misfits like me to deal with all this drama.


When you vent to your BFF about what your bully did to you, use a nickname. Don’t let anyone know about this nickname as it can be used against you if it gets to the mean girl and they could spread the rumour and make you look like the bad guy. Nickname ideas could be

  • Mackenzie
  • Blah blah
  • Diva
  • Juice box
  • Bottle

You could use the name of any item you can find around your school or the name of a teen book/movie mean girl. E.g Regina.

Note passing

When passing private notes in class, always use nicknames or, to be extra safe, draw the nickname instead. If one of the mean girls is peeking over your shoulder cover the note with your arm or slip it under your desk. If you are wearing a long sleeved sweater slip it in the sleeve and hide it until the coast is clear. Don’t write anything too long or if the mean girl sees it, they will be suspicious of who the nicknames are.


When you try and sit with ‘the popular gang’ and the mean girl is blabbering about herself and excluding you, even if you are shy, try and change the topic. Be forceful. Here are some examples of what you can say:

  1. Mean girl: “I fired her for being so unbelievably lame. So now I need somebody else to sew my designs because I really need somebody who can actually sew corsets.” You : “You really didn’t have to do that and anyway, you’ve been rambling on for soo long!Who wants to play truth or dare?”
  2. Mean girl: “I’m not a drama queen. How dare you say that!” You: “Maybe you don’t think so, but you are for some people”
  3. Mean girl: “Why are you not laughing at my great joke?” Me: “Actually maybe not your every joke is funny”
  4. Mean girl: “Only the popular girls can sit here. Tata!” You: “I can sit wherever so let’s talk about something not only about you. Let’s talk about, um books.”

Don’t be too aggressive or you can come out as the bad guy. Mean girls (being the complete drama queens they are) would usually make a scene and make you look bad.

Tips and Tricks to get noticed

Some bullies mimic your personality to make you feel bad so you have to do some things so everyone knows you are the original. For example, if you are a unicorn geek, but you are too shy to boast about it, and your bully is known for loving unicorns, this is what you should do:

  • Decorate with unicorn stickers
  • Bring unicorn mythology books
  • Join in unicorn conversations and make your interest in unicorns clear
  • Doodle unicorns and write stories about them

To let people know you like fashion illustration

  • Draw your designs openly in class
  • Bring up your designs briefly in conversation
  • Ask people what they think of your designs

I hope this has given you an idea on how to stand up to yourself and confront social anxiety and social issues. Stay tuned for more and if you are a pre teen with tons of drama in your life, I recommend Dork Diaries, a book series about a dork who confronts problems in her life.

The magical history of unicorns

Hi. Lately I’ve been studying my book, “The Magical history of unicorns.” It has pages about unicorn facts and theories and it has beautiful unicorn artwork. The creators of this factual book are Russ Thorne and Reffelia, who wrote the forward. Obviously these writers were committed unicorn theorists who dedicatedly wrote this compilation of information about unicorns long long ago, in the era of Zeus, the epic of Gilgamesh and present day.

In the Epic of Gilgamesh, a character had the sense of a unicorn about him. Funnily enough, unicorns are tamed and lulled by women in most cases and this wild unicorn-like character was tamed by a damsel much like a unicorn.

Most of the pictures in the book have a beautiful mythical beast (otherwise known as a unicorn) with a warrior damsel seated upon them. One of the pictures is a stunning, dark haired warrior woman sitting fiercely on a unicorn. The woman seemed to have a symbol on her leg. What if it meant something in a different language? Something to do with the present unicorns, whether they are plain white horses with powerless horns on their head, or magical creatures of night or nature?

People who believe in unicorns, mainly pure women who have connections with the past unicorn riders, can have them appear before them. I have a unicorn companion named Marshmallow. She seems to connect to some of the unicorn pictures in the book, mainly one with a white muma unicorn and her foul. Maybe she’s seen them somewhere when she wandered off. Maybe there are other unicorns still lingering in this life. Maybe not all unicorn were lost when the mystical, biblical times left.

Nobody alive this day knows what unicorns truly look like or if there are any unicorns present at all which is why the unicorns all look so different in the pictures in the book.

On the subject of types of unicorns, in the chapter War Horse on page 56 of the book, it states, “We’ve looked at the ancient unicorn and it’s real-life cousins. Now it’s time to – carefully – talk about its temper. Despite its modern incarnation as a doe-eyed, peaceful being, unicorns have seen their fair share of combat and have been associated with warring nations, knights and all kinds of mythical rage.

Thank you for reading. I’ll try to write more soon.

Keep our oceans clean

If you’re at the beach and drinking a delicious milkshake with a plastic straw, please think before mindlessly tossing it in the sand.

If you drop a plastic item in the water, it will float out and a sea turtle could choke on it. If there is a bin nearby you could easily dispose of your rubbish in there. If you love the ocean and swimming in clear waves watching fish swish by, try and keep it clear instead of dropping plastic junk inside of the ocean, killing the poor fish and the water.

To prevent pollution, you can avoid using these items.

  • Plastic one-use water bottles
  • Plastic shopping bags
  • Plastic one-use straws
  • Plastic drinking cups

Here are some items you can use to prevent pollution

  • Reusable metal straws
  • Glass cups
  • Reusable shopping bags
  • Metal refillable water bottles

Thank you. Hope this inspired you to do good for the earth.

Climate justice

Hello reader! It is very important.

You may know Greta Thunberg, the strong eighteen year old climate activist.

Yesterday I watched a film about her and her story and the deeds she does for the world, how she went on strike to push her ideas onto the government. With time, the number of people doing the climate strike increased and it all started with one fifteen year old Swedish girl sitting on the pavement, and that heroic, resilient girl was Greta.

The reasons why I relate to Greta so much is that we both see the world differently. We see it as a botanical garden being burn down by humanity. We both have a high-functioning Autism. At the beginning of the movie she said, “Only young people, or people with Autism understand the threat of global warming.”

Even though humanity has created this mess, certain humans like Greta and her supporters will clear it up through the climate strike and the powerful media.

When Greta was travelling to the United States, she couldn’t just drive by car and she certainly didn’t want to go by plane, polluting the planet further. She and her father went by boat. The water pounded against the boat as it sailed across and Greta got anxious with all the load noise, but she kept going, for the climate!

Despite this travelling and rioting and speaking, Greta managed to get some of the top grades in her class. Despite being a successful activist, she was still just a sixteen year old Swedish schoolgirl who needed to go to school.

I will try and do all I can for this beautiful planet and follow in Greta’s footsteps.

Greta is only eighteen, but the whole world knows who she is and she and many other young people will help save it. And she would make the best president and Sweden would be really lucky to have her. Even though I have my own planet to go to, this planet is beautiful and it must be saved.

The 18th universe

Tonight there will be a ceremony to celebrate the creation of a planet on the 18th universe. The king has declared peace between us. My entire planet is going to meet the king and royalty will stick around to chat with him.

The 18th universe exists! You are welcome to come to space. If any evil monster aliens come, us good aliens will come together and protect you.


The shadow woman

The shadow woman

By The Z-ster

In a small village, ten year old Caitlin was living with her elderly mother and grandma. There was one school and three houses including hers. Not many people lived there and she knew the two families who did live there with them. Caitlin and her small family had not much money.

One cold night, Caitlin was lying awake in her bed. She heard a noise and got up to find out what it was. She saw a thick figure at the window. Its teeth and long nails glinted in the moonlight. It had messed-up, long, dark hair and it had a tattered dress on. Caitlin buried herself under the thin, dirty sheets. She left a gap to see the figure. It was just standing there, towering over the window. Caitlin was beginning to get very scared.

If I stay very quiet, they will leave, she thought to herself, staying very still. But she felt like she would cry out of terror as the person began to smash the window. She knew that she was wrong so she ran out of her room, right before the person burst in through the window. She could see them closely now. It was a woman.

“Mum!” she yelled as she ran down the hall. Her mother rushed out of her room and hugged Caitlin.

“What’s going on?” asked Caitlin’s mother. Caitlin was terrified and crying. She was quivering in fear.

“Mum! She’s in the house! Help!” she cried out in destress. Caitlin’s mother started to panic and grabbed a ladle from the kitchen and woke up Caitlin’s grandma. They headed into Caitlin’s room and the old woman ran at them with her jaw dropped, revealing her blood-covered, sharp teeth. Caitlin shrieked as the woman bit into her arm, tearing it open. Her mum hit the woman with the ladle as she bit into Caitlin’s arm. The woman dropped onto the ground, hissing. Caitlin’s flesh was in her teeth.

After Caitlin’s mum got rid of the woman, Caitlin was taken to the hospital for her arm and survived. But who knows when that demon lady will attack again.

Thanks for reading!

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President Donald Trump, the desperate president

As you may know, Donald Trump is no longer the president of the United States of America.

The president and Vice President elects are Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Kamala Harris brought the house down as she made her victory speech, but that’s not all she made, she made history as the first female VP in the US. She is an excellent role model!

America now has fourteen or so more days of Trump. To stay seated as president, him and his supporters have caused a huge, violent seen. His resemblance to a toddler not wanting to share his toys is astronomical! Why can’t this grown man just give up being president?

Trump wanted to move to Scotland because he has golf courses there and because things are going really badly for him in the US. Scotland said that he couldn’t come because of COVID-19, but the truth is that they didn’t want him peeing over their economy!

Now, let’s just acknowledge that after all this inconsiderate, selfish, stupid nonsense Donald Trump has brought, Harris and Biden are going to give the country what it needs, what President Trump never gave; and it is time for him to take his glued-on pasta wig and his poor choices as president and say goodbye to this country that he has ruined.

Good riddance, Trumpster!

Viking and Norse mythology

Hi friends, it’s me!

I love Norse mythology and sagas of Vikings. Yesterday I went to a Viking museum and it was a beautiful way to build upon my knowledge of mythology.

Here is some information about the Vikings and Norse gods:

In Norse mythology, the deciders of the fate of the Midgard men and women are called the Norns, however the goddesses who take the fallen warriors from Midgard to Odin’s halls are called Valkyries. Vikings believed that their only way of going to Valhalla was to die heroically in battle.

Fun fact: If a Viking was in a dual and they slayed their opponent, their family would swear on a ship or a horse etc that if they tried to seek revenge, the thing would turn on them.

Viking coins were very small. They were nothing like the round coins we have today.

Vikings started off as farmers, looking for food and water. We don’t quite know how they turned into bloodthirsty raiders, but we do know that they rode on their long boats and hunted for treasure.

Did you know? In Norse mythology, the funeral of Baldur the beautiful was done by pushing him in his boat out on the water and set it aflame. Yet, they didn’t do that in Viking times.

Speaking of Baldur, the giantess, Skali was jealous of her sister who married Frei, Freya’s brother, so she demanded to pick a husband from the gods. Odin made her pick from their feet. He would put a sheet over their faces so she could only see their feet. Skali wanted to pick Baldur, but she got Frei and Freya’s father, old Niord.

Real Viking artefacts
Old rust iron rivets
Image: Maritime museum Viking exhibit
Viking Coin
Viking ship
A dragon head

Bye! Stay tuned for more Viking artefacts and information.



Hello, readers! I hope you have all welcomed the new year. 2020 is now just a memory. Now let’s look back on 2020 and the troubles and complications it brought.

The beginning of the problems started with the fires, consuming Australian, the belly of the globe. It polluted our air. It was a real problem in certain areas. People lost everything in the fires, and firefighters sacrificed a lot to tame them. Ambulance drivers and doctors worked to get people who were medically affected by the fires, to the hospital. Finally, very slowly, the chaos stopped and relief came.

The first I heard of COVID-19 was in a paper. I had no idea what a big deal it would be. Schools shut down in order to protect children from the deadly virus. Apps were created to make sure people are aware if they come into contact with it.

America is still the most effected country, but thanks to President Donald Trump practically no one who would listen to him wore a mask. He didn’t even take the virus seriously. There were hundreds of cases and deaths. Fortunately, some resilient people recover to tell the tale. People who listened to facts and had good doctors and a good hospital.

Eventually all the borders closed so nobody would travel. Originally you could travel, but you would have to quarantine fourteen days.

Even though it is 2021 and there is a vaccine, COVID-19 is still very serious. There are a couple new strains. One was discovered in the Uk and the other in Africa.

Now that Kamala Harris and Joe Biden are in charge of America, people will wear masks, sanitise their hands, social distance and take COVID seriously.

Stay safe and listen to your licensed doctor. Thank you for your support. 😃😃😃 Karma will take its toll

Spiders and roaches

Hi. I am back with another animal blog.

Most of you might think that spiders and cockroaches are hideous creatures and you just wanna squish them under your shoes whenever one comes remotely close to you. I admit I am afraid of spiders and I get a bit ecstatic around them, but would never want to spray them or murder them.

Most people’s first reaction to seeing a cockroach or a spider is to squash it or grab a insect repellent and gas it, but I advice to simply scoop up the insect and free it and give it some words of encouragement as it swiftly scurries away. It will leave you feeling less guilty than you would if you killed it.

Fun fact : Spiders are some of the most dedicated echo warriors out there so killing them would do the world no good. Also, if you don’t like annoying flies or mosquitoes, spiders are your friends since the average spider eats over one million flies and mosquitoes.

If you ever see a big cockroach and your friend wants to squish it, do the world a favour and prevent them from doing that. Even if they say it’s their choice if they want to kill it or not because, quite frankly, it isn’t.

Now I will interview someone who has had quite a bumpy relationship with cockroaches. Her name is Alicia F and she is one of my models and a very strong believer on equal rights on all beings. Let’s see what she will say about these so called pests:

Me: What do you think about cockroaches?

Alicia: They are disgusting creatures, but they are also quite impressive because they can survive lots of things.

Me: Why do you think they are disgusting?

Alicia: They creep me out and they carry disease. They represent uncleanliness and filth.

Me: If presented the chance, would you kill one?

Alicia: I don’t believe in that. If I was in the position that the cockroaches had invaded my home, I would get rid of them or spray them. I won’t wait for the chance to kill them. Understand?

Me: Yes.

Alicia: Cool.

Me: Thank you for your time.

Readers, I encourage you to ask yourself where you stand on this topic. Will you exterminate these creatures, or peacefully treat them like you would treat any animal?

Bye til next time!


Charlotte was born with a disorder called Autism. She saw the world very differently and could never really speak much. She would never eat anything but Mentos, plain butter sandwiches, raspberry jelly and strawberry ice pops that her mother kept in the freezer. This is her story according to her mother. Chapter one We sit […]

Charlotte was born with a disorder called Autism. She saw the world very differently and could never really speak much. She would never eat anything but Mentos, plain butter sandwiches, raspberry jelly and strawberry ice pops that her mother kept in the freezer. This is her story according to her mother.

Chapter one

We sit in the car. Charlotte is fast asleep, spread across two of the seats at the back . I gently nudge her. I hand her a pink fidget spinner as she wakes up. She loves pink.

“C’mon, Char,” I say. I grab her wet hand. It is covered in homemade vanilla milkshake! She is wide awake now. We head out of the parking lot. We’re going to be late for OT again.

Charlotte flicks the spinner until she gets sick of it and screams. A couple of teenagers glare at us as I scoop up Charlotte. I run to the tall building where Charlotte has her OT every Friday.

“Charlotte, I heard it was your birthday this week,” gushes Joanna. Charlotte calms down. I am so glad that Joanna is here. Charlotte follows Joanne upstairs. I finally get some peace and quiet.

On Monday, it was Charlotte’s ninth birthday. I baked her a three layer birthday cake. She doesn’t have many friends so it was just her, Richie and me. Richie is her dad whom I am afraid understands her better than me.

After twenty minutes of writing my online magazine, I snap my keyboard shut. Charlotte has finished her session with Joanne. Charlotte loves technology a little too much. She has accidentally broken my phone many times. I shove my phone deep into my purse. Charlotte is flicking her spinner excitedly. It is spinning really quickly.

We take the elevator to the bottom. I try to stop Charlotte from pressing all the buttons.

By the time we get to the car, Charlotte has successfully snapped her hair tie! I groan as I slide onto the driver’s seat. I hand her a piece of mentos from my purse. She violently tears through the wrapping. I hear her chewing the candy inside as I pull out of the parking slot. It is time to get her to school.

At the school gate, I wave to Charlotte from the car. I see her standing there with her school bag and spinner as I slowly drive away. She is watching the others play. It is recess. She must find it hard to fit in. I feel sorry for her.

Chapter two

I sit down and grab a fresh Coke can from the fridge. Charlotte is out like a light after a long day. I don’t know how long the silence will last until she wakes up. She is usually very noisy.

I decide to pull my phone back out and get more writing done. I click away at my keyboard as fast as I can. Charlotte could get up at any moment.

Eventually, Charlotte stomps into the living room and throws a tantrum. I have no idea why, maybe she is still hungry? She has a very different way of expressing how she is feeling since she has trouble talking. I know the gift of speech is waiting to burst out of her. I have a feeling it will.

Charlotte shrieks at me endlessly, flailing her hands around and stomping her feet on the marble floor, creating an earthquake of sound and vibration. She usually isn’t this grumpy when she has just slept. Maybe she’s trying to tell me that she’s sick? I don’t know. I fumble with my phone to call Richie. He’ll know what’s wrong.

After fifteen minutes of the monotonous dial tone, I finally hear Richie’s calming voice. I explain to him that Charlotte has just napped and is now throwing the kind of tantrum we’d expect when the world is ending. Richie is a great listener. He tells me that he will come straight away. I tell him that I can only tolerate the shrieking for so long.

When Richie arrives, Charlotte is rolling on the floor, whistling like a wind chime and running her fingers through her hair, messing it up. She is definitely trying to tell us something important and I am stressed trying to find out what. I stay with Charlotte, who is in tears, while Richie frantically, purposefully looks for her spinner. Richie bounces across the room, looking under pillows, couch cushions and my purse. He looks all over the house including in his home office and our bedroom. He can’t find it and he can’t even find a spare. I hold a panicked Charlotte between my long legs. She needs her spinner and Richie can’t find it. I am furious. I am not furious with her or her Autism, I am furious that Richie and I can’t calm her down even a little bit. I put my hand on hers, wishing she could just tell me what else could help her.

In the middle of nowhere, it comes to me. I call to Richie, “Come over here!” I tell him to look for something pink. I tell him I don’t care if it’s a special wash cloth or something nice from our bedroom or just something we hung from her bedroom door. I just want to calm her. Richie darts to Charlotte’s room. He comes back with a bright pink blanket.

“That’ll do,” I say. I snatch the blanket and hand it to Charlotte with a spare piece of mentos. She finally stops screaming and pops the lolly into her mouth and starts sucking it intensely. She uses the blanket to dry her tears. The screams have left my ears ringing. Richie comes in and I leave the room with my purse and I see Charlotte smile at Richie. She never smiles at me. I try not to cry or else I will upset her. I wonder, does she like Richie better than me?

Chapter three

Charlotte is still red from the tantrum. I am lying in my bed with a splitting headache, watching her play with Richie. She looks so happy. She holds my cherry-coloured perfume bottle in her hand. It is plastic so it doesn’t break easily and I am sharing it with her since she loves the fragrance. Everyone we know uses the same kind. She does not like change. I have always worn this fragrance for sixteen years and I will never change it as long as I live now that Charlotte has grown accustomed to it. Did I mention that she does not like change?

It is almost my bedtime and I can’t sleep. Charlotte doesn’t have a bedtime. She goes to bed when she feels like it. I don’t think she has got a sense of time yet. She crawls into my bed and so does Richie.

“It is almost seven o’ clock and I still can’t get this rascal to bed!” says Richie. My headache stops for a little bit. I get up and get my perfume bottle and put it in my dusty-pink purse. Charlotte loves everything to be pink.

To relieve the pain of my terrible headache, I grab a pink, polka-dotted cold-pack from the freezer to put on my head while I try to sleep for atleast two hours like I do every night. I am lucky to even get fifteen minutes of rest in this crazy house! The cold-packs are next to Charlotte’s ice pops.

In this house, I am the only one who gives actually getting some rest a thought. Richie doesn’t care if Charlotte keeps him until three in the morning because that’s about the time he remembers that he needs to sleep. Charlotte is a night owl. I haven’t even seen her sleep at night. The only person who can get her to sleep for atleast two minutes is Richie.

I finally get some sleep. I somehow drift off as she circles the bed in her slick, silk pyjamas. I told you, she never gets tired. I bet she doesn’t even stop until Richie tries to put her to bed.

Charlotte sleeps for a little bit, but by the time I wake up, she is sitting beside me, on the pillow I sprayed with my perfume, her mouth to my ear, making weird noises. The neurologist says she sometimes can’t read the room so she can’t tell how gravely irritated I am. I drag her to her room. I look at the pink clock hanging over the door. It is two o’clock in the morning. I tuck Charlotte in. I close the door and go back to sleep.

Suddenly, I hear a banging on the door while I am reading my book trying to drift off again. I go to the door and Charlotte runs in. I have plaited her hair before she had her post-school nap, but now her hair is frizzy and her bobby pins and hair ties are nowhere to be seen. She always frees her hairs when I do it up. Sometimes I wonder why I even try to keep her hair neat if she is going to take out all the pins and elastics.

Chapter four

In the morning, I hand her an apple before I drive her to the country side. She still doesn’t like apples.

The drive to the country is long. I hand her a whole packet of mentos to keep her busy with eating them. She has a tablet with a screen limit on it. I know she is fine so I focus on the road. The path is rocky and bumpy enough to make her drop the tablet so I steer very, very carefully.

I grasp the wheel as I make a sharp turn that makes her jump. She starts to cry so I stick out my arm. She grabs it. I steer even more carefully as I approach the little cottage.

The moment I sit down on my bed, Charlotte runs into her bedroom. We come here every year just the two of us and she remembers the pretty room and the view from the window. Charlotte is a very fast runner. I walk into her room to see if she has broken anything. She is doing a handstand on the bed. Our house is overlooking the river. Her face is pressed against the window. The sky is reflecting the river. She looks at the clouds in the water.

It starts to rain and Charlotte tears away from the window. The reflections in the water are mucked up by the heavy drops of water falling in.

To be continued

Ursula’s horror story

Ursula’s horror story

By The Z-ster

This includes pictures by Mallika

Ursula was nineteen years old and worked at a grimy, old building. She was a devoted cleaner. Every evening after the businessmen and businesswomen had left, she would clean up and once she was done she would lock up and go home in her pink car. She knew everyone by name and got along with all of them, apart from Mr Anderson. He never talked much and never contributed much to the workplace. He was often seen in the hallway with what looked like a red ballet bag or body bag. Ursula had tried to strike up a conversation with him once or twice as she was an extrovert.

One day, when Ursula had arrived at work early, she was talking with her friend, Vanessa and noticed Mr Anderson standing there in the corridor with his big, bulging bag looking at them as if he was gong to go up to them. Ursula felt a sharp prickle go up her spine. She felt as if he had intentions for her.

Very soon, Vanessa went into her daily conference meeting, leaving Ursula with Mr Anderson. Ursula grabbed her phone to avoid looking into Mr Anderson’s big, still, black eyes. She stared at her phone until Mr Anderson shrieked. When Ursula looked up from her phone, he was gone, but when she looked down behind her, he was darting down the staircase like he was being chased by something terrible.

When everyone left work, Ursula began to clean. She grabbed a mop and cleaned the floor until it was shiny.

Before she left, she took a selfie and proceeded to lock up.

She suddenly felt something sticky between her toes. She checked her sandals. They were covered in blood. It wasn’t her blood. Someone must have gotten injured in the building and she might have stepped in their blood while she was cleaning it. Or maybe there was something going on in there. She was going to investigate tomorrow.

The next day, she got ready very quickly and she drove to work just before her shift started. She started cleaning by the time everyone was coming out. Ursula decided to stay out late to find out what was going on.

Late at night, Ursula sat on the bench after cleaning everything. She rested her head on her rolled up sweater. She suddenly saw Mr Anderson standing there. He gave her a shock.

“Hi, Mr Anderson,” she said, cheerfully, “There was blood on the floor last night, does it have anything to do with you?”

Mr Anderson didn’t say anything. Ursula asked, “Shouldn’t you be at home, Mr Anderson?” Still no reply. Ursula knew that only one person should be there at night other than her. Jessica was finishing up some work so she was going to be in her office all night doing it.

Ursula texted the manager and asked why Mr Anderson was at work and the manager said that he was at home already. Ursula froze up, her thoughts running. Mr Anderson was walking down the hallway, so how could he be at home. Ursula’s phone pinged. There was a message from the manager. The message read, “Oh no. You better run. HIDE!” Ursula heard a bloodcurdling scream.

Oh no. Whatever he’s talking about, it must have gotten Jessica, thought Ursula, running to hide under a bench outside Jessica’s office.

When she sat under the bench, what she saw terrified her; a demonic creature was towering over Jessica. Jessica had two puncture wounds on her chest. With her last breath, she called to Ursula, hoarsely, “Save yourself while you still have time.” Jessica died and the creature messily devoured her. Ursula could hear her bones cracking.

“You’re next!” hissed the creature. Ursula ran for her life, jumping over chairs, tables and sofas. The creature chased after her. She just managed to escape with her life and exhausted, she locked the monster in the building. She crawled into the car, catching her breath, and, terrified, drove home without looking back.

My Archie’s Art

My Archie, Mallika is a magnificent artist. She can create a dream on paper with just her hands, an idea and pens – pencils – erasers. She is also a model here on my blog. She does sketches and illustrations for my stories on my blog. She is really talented. Here are some of her best pieces.

This is a picture she drew of a beautiful dolphin in the water. She copied off a dolphin toy from the front yard. Doesn’t it look great? I love dolphins. In the corner of the page some little girls are playing on the sand in their bathers. Enjoy it for yourself above ⬆️

I insisted that she had to draw this. It is what is going on beyond the sea, on the shore. Someone is watching the ocean. Someone is on their phone. Someone is picnicking. Someone is swimming in full gear. Someone is calling to their dog. Enjoy. Zoom in if you want.

This is her attempt of copying a picture of my idol, Taylor Swift from her puzzle magazine. She did a really great job with the details.

This is an amazingly detailed picture of four birds sitting in a tree with beautiful flowers. She copied this from a plastic bag. Every detail was exactly the same if not better. The gentle birds have realistic colour schemed bodies.

Bye until next time.

My favourite YouTuber SSSniperwolf gif

Dua Lipa Online concert

In case you didn’t know, there was a long online concert by famous English singer Dua Lipa yesterday. It was amazing and it was all performed in her studio.

The concert started when Lipa and her backup dancers were dancing in the studio. Then Lipa emerged from the crowd, wearing a sparkly costume – a silver dress with tassels at the bottom and grabbed the microphone. The first song was Future Nostalgia. When she finished it, she sang Levitating. She and her back up dancers were really good at dancing.

There was a dance break in the concert. The DJ played Hollaback girl by Gwen Stephani. It was a great choice.

For Fever and Prisoner, they were in a room that had a television in it. Instead of performing Prisoner with Miley Cyrus raw and live, she put on the music video for it on the television. Prisoner is a great song. I’m listening to it now!

Prisoner album cover

Lipa performed her new song, Fever, with singer Angele.

In the middle of the show, Kylie Minogue shows up as a DJ!!!! Kylie Minogue is an Australian singer who I just found out about. LOL.

This was practically a Future Nostalgia concert, because she sang all the songs in Future Nostalgia. New rules was the only song that wasn’t on Future Nostalgia, but she had to include it because it is a really good song. It was on Dua Lipa’s self-titled album.

Future Nostalgia album cover
Dua Lipa album cover

The last song was Don’t start now.

Bye. I can’t wait for more exiting things to write about! 🙏🏼

A freaky Halloween story

A freaky Halloween story

By The Z-ster

One Halloween night, two teenage brothers, Jude and Christian, were sleeping after a long night of trick or treating in the streets of Queens. It was almost three o clock in the morning.

“Christian,” cried Jude, shaking his brother violently, “I hear something at the window!” His body was hot with fear and frustration. Jude pushed Christian off his bed. Jude went to help him up.

“What now, Jude!?” said Christian, annoyed, rubbing his sore head with his sleeve, “It is almost three and I have barely gotten any sleep.” Jude explained that he heard heavy breathing at the window and was much too afraid to pull back the curtain himself. Christian reluctantly went to the window, Jude cowering beside him.

“Jude,” whispered Christian as he put his ear to the window.

“Do you hear anything?” said Jude.

Christian turned to Jude and said, “I do.” Jude gave his brother the nod to draw the curtains back.

As soon as Christian drew the curtain, Jude fainted from shock. There was a creepy, wet child at the window. He was pale and had dark circles around his huge eyes. His hands were pressed against the glass and his handprints were bloody!

“Let me in!” he said.

Christian was lightheaded and disgusted at this sight. He was the tough sibling, but he hated the sight of blood only a little bit less than his brother.

At that very moment, their younger sister, Lilac, woke up. She was fifteen years old. She was a babysitter and loved children. She was taking a course in first aid and CPR and revival. She was not very cautious, but she was very independent and slept in a seperate room from her brothers.

“Christian, who is this?” she said, crouching down at the window. The child had hidden his blood-stained hands from her.

“Lilli, could you try and wake Jude up,” said Christian. Lilac was the most mature of the siblings. She was practically a mother to them when their parents were asleep or on vacation.

“I will get him some cold water soon,” she said after putting Jude into his bed, “First, I will let this little munchkin into the house. He looks so cold, doesn’t he?” Before Christian could say anything, Lilac was going into her bedroom. The door to the house was in her bedroom which was a high danger risk because Lilac would let anyone in and she would often leave the door unlocked.

Lilac unlocked the first lock on the door with her little pink polka-dotted key that was tucked into her nightgown. Then she unlocked the second one, that her mother had installed, with a big red key. She opened the door. She looked outside and called to the boy. She welcomed him inside.

The boy sat on Lilac’s bed.

“No, no, no! You are too wet. Time to dry you off,” said Lilac, clutching the boys sleeve and dragging him off the bed. She took her favourite pink towel from the shed and sniffed it. Then she wrapped it around the boy and sat him down in front of the heater in her brothers’ bedroom. They were both fast asleep.

Two minutes later, Lilac finally took the towel off of the boy and sniffed it. It smelled awful. In all the years that she had owned that towel, it smelled of her rose and lime perfume, but now it wreaked of filth and uncleanliness.

“When was the last time you showered?” asked Lilac.

The boy said, “My parents never bathed me.”

“How long have you been alone for?” asked Lilac.

The boy held up three fingers. His hand was still drenched in thick blood.

“Did they do this to you?” asked Lilac, wiping the blood with a lavender-scented cloth.

“Yes,” he said. Lilac was very concerned.

“Okay,” she said, throwing away the cloth. She asked, “Did they beat you?” The boy nodded. Lilac called a police station.

“This poor child seemed to have been abused,” she said to the officer, “Come pick him up. He stinks and he says it’s because his parents never washed him. His hands were soaking with blood. He says it’s because he was beaten. He was bleeding at our window when we found him. He is in good hands now, but he needs to have a proper home. I will leave a door open so you can get him from this address….”

Later that night, the boy went missing. Lilac though that the police officer had taken him, but her brothers had a different idea…

My Archie’s 75th birthday

My Archie is the youngest of three daughters. Her older sisters’ names are Rosie and Manelle. Rosie was born in the war so she was born at home. My Archie’s name means “jasmine”. I hear about and from Rosie (my Madu Archie) the most.

A story that my Archie told me from her childhood is that she would always climb a big tree in her garden. It would go so high that she would watch the people down below on the streets and pavements. She would climb with her sisters and best friends.

Sadly, when my Archie was young, her father had surgery and died shortly after it. Her mother was heart-broken. Unfortunately, they had no insurance and the family plunged into, not poverty, but grief and stress and lack of money, as her mother had not been working at the time and her father was the only one who was working and making money.

Like most grandmothers, mine is a great cook. She is always looking into good recipes to cook for me and my brother when we come over. She has stacks upon stacks of amazing cooking magazines and she loves watching MasterChef. We bake together sometimes and she introduces me to her favourite recipes. One of my mum’s favourite meat dishes that my Archie makes is her curry. Her curry and parapoo smell exotic every time we have fancy dinners together.

At her small birthday meal yesterday, she had Kiribath, chicken curry for my mum and a small birthday cake, with chocolate swirls and chocolate sponges smacked between layers of frosting. It was very delicious.

My Archie has tons of beautiful jewellery. She has brooches that look like hats and butterflies. She has a wig that looks astounding on her.

I love my Archie! She is teaching me how to speak Singelese. Hugs and kisses to my Archie 😘. I am forever your baba, Archie . 😀


I have been playing this great game called Gymnast. I have talked about it before on my website. You get to choose your avatar, your username and customise your avatar. Then you can dress them up, style their nails, hair and makeup, and take pictures at the cover shoot. After that you can go to the gymnasium and practice your own routine before the big competition. In the competitions, you can add lights and fluorescent streams coming out of your hands. Before each performance, you can set up the gymnasium and make the floor, bars or vault any colour you like and you can decorate it too. You can rate other gymnast’s performances and get your own clip that other gymnasts will have to rate. Every routine, including the summer events, are filmed. You can go to the leaderboards to see how you are doing and what spot you are in on each one. I’m currently in first in popularity, top gymnast and top country. My country is Australia. Decide if you want to play against me. Remember to play against me in Fashion and maybe Ballerina and if you can’t I will put clips on YouTube and photos on my blog from them.

Cover of virtual magazine…again, doing a perfect split.
Zoom in on the fab nails.
Mid-routine picture. Summer event.
Another mid-routine picture.
Vault routine. About to leap over that pink vault.
Pouncing across the pink mat.
Balance beam routine. Very advanced.
I told you it was advanced and professional.
Flashy uneven bar routine. Like my special effects?
Graceful ending/landing!
Another fancy balance beam routine.
Practice on the balance beam.

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Miracle Photography

I have always been the slightest bit fascinated with photography and videography and different kinds of cameras. I have two, a new Polaroid camera and a red, modern photo and video camera from my seventh birthday. My favourite is the Polaroid one. I decided, since my camera was full of film, to take some Polaroids of Miracle during his usual feline antics and misadventures. I took numerous pictures of him. It was very delightful to capture his adorable curiosity as he fiddled with my camera, rolled around, begging to be loved, and hid behind my mum’s dress. I eventually left and pasted the photos into my photo album. It is now finished. I will start another album soon. Goodbye for now! Enjoy the pictures.

My mum’s 44th birthday

Yesterday was my earth mum‘s birthday. I would like to add some information about her.

My mum’s history

My mum was born in Singapore a few days before her mother’s birthday. Her parents are two amazing people called Pema and Mallika. She wanted to grow her hair long, but her parents made her cut it very short. She had a little brother called Shawn. Since she had very short hair, people would think that she was a boy.

My mum was born into a Buddhist family. Her family had many unique traditions. One of those traditions is feeding Kiribath to the birthday person from a huge piece before anyone else can eat it. Kiribath is rice moistened with coconut milk. Very tasty! It is pronounced Kir-y-butt.

My mum went to a school in Singapore. She had a best friend named Suvarna. We still visit Aunty Suvarna when we go to Singapore. According to what my mum told me, she had to braid Aunty Suvarna’s hair for her because it was so long. In our culture, we must call everyone over twenty (and older than us) Aunty or uncle.

The birthday celebration

In the morning, my little brother played a “dance party” video that he has been working on. He used a lot of different songs. My mum gave me her old, worn book, The world’s wickedest women.

In the evening, we did the Kiribath cutting.

Love you, mummy! Budthu Sarinah on your birthday and throughout the year.

My background and nationality

I have decided to write a post about background and nationality and how people can sometimes judge someone on their colour or background alone.

I have a Eurasian background and a Mestian and Australian nationality. My Earth father is Scottish and my Earth mother is Sinhala, causing my skin to be quite, should I say, pigmented. My skin colour has never majorly gotten in my way, atleast not yet. Most of my friends are racially sensitive. Sometimes I may have an argument with someone because of my race or colour, but it is always resolved and someone always pitches in to support me.

Once, when I was with my friend who I am not going to name, he asked where my ‘dress’ was from. I told him it was a sari and it was from Singapore. He immediately recoiled and said, “Ah! Coronavirus!” My smile faded. This happened about the time when the coronavirus pandemic was starting and my sari hadn’t been in Singapore in twenty years. I remained silent. I wasn’t going to fight back. I finally spoke up. “What do you mean?” He looked at me like I was stupid. I’m not stupid. (Hamilton reference sorry 🤣) I wanted to yell at him, but I didn’t.

Another time when I argued with someone over skin colour was years ago, when I was colouring by numbers at school. The colour for the person in the picture’s skin was dust black and my friend asked, “Why this colour?!” I wanted to say something, but I held my tongue. The teacher said, “Because that is their skin colour.” “Why black?” he asked. I had to say something. “But you have dark skin,” I said, fuming with anger. He looked all over himself and said, relieved, “I’m not black.” A few days later, he said he was white. I hate it when people of colour deny it. Why would someone be in denial about their appearance? Maybe it’s only confusing to me, since I love myself the way I am. Maybe others want to be different so they deny the way they look. Maybe humans have lower self-esteem than Mestians. It is part of my study. Interesting!

“I woke up like this.

I feel good in my skin.”

Lizzo, My skin

My Romance Novella

I am reading over a romance novel that I wrote on my iPad many months ago. It is called The Hard Romance. It was far too long to put on the blog, but my first site page was a few sentences of the book and I am about to give you a detailed summery of this amazing read even though it had not been published as I would have liked. I love how much drama and heartfelt emotion I put in. I was and still am a romantic.

The female lead is called Josie and is very pretty, popular among the boys and well-mannered, but she has problems; she gets angry very easily, she is very violent and all the teachers think she is spoiled, except Mrs Camp. Josie is very posh and is amazing at dancing of any kind. She has what you might call a shopping addiction and her parents are rich. She has a twin sister called Mary who is not identical to her and has a completely different personality. She hasn’t dated in months as her last boyfriend (whom she met online) was a terrible fit for her. Mike, someone at her high school, has a hopeless crush on her. Mike’s infatuation with Josie is the basis of the book. Mike always flirts with her and compliments her, but she never really notices.

The plot is romantic, full of drama and it is complicated. Josie and Mike become more close as the book progresses, starting as strangers, becoming best friends, silent lovers and eventually they kiss, start dating, have a kid and get married. There are obstacles, mainly for Mike, such as Josie not returning his feelings, August, his ex-girlfriend, coming to his school and having an interesting relationship with Josie, etc. Josie’s feelings for Mike get stronger and Mike starts plotting ways to be alone with her, ever since their first date in Chapter 1. As friends!

In Chapter 4, things take a turn for the horrific when Josie and her followers and friends decide to prove that she is not a brat and they violently petrol the school with weapons. Josie’s fighting problems take control. The principal, Mr Gross, threatens to suspend her. Josie and Mike are in best friend state. Mike is still in love with her, with August, his hip ex-girlfriend and Josie’s new bestie, as an obstacle. Mike tries to help Josie redeem herself and not get suspended.

In Chapter 5, Josie goes to a party with Jan, Mike and a couple other friends while she is supposed to be grounded for blowing all the money she, her close friend, Kitty, and Mary were meant to share at the mall. At the party, she shares a secret: She used to be in an all-female music group where everyone hated her and took down songs where she got a solo.

When they arrive back at Jan’s house, Josie receives some messages from a sinister user. While celebrating nobody getting hurt, Mike and Josie end up dancing together for the first time and they share a moment of romance. Mike tries his hardest to impress Josie with his gentlemanly qualities and Josie finds that it is working.

At the end of Chapter 5, which was a long chapter by the way, Josie and Mike open an etiquette school for young ladies in her treehouse. Mike sees it as a chance to dance with her again and Josie wants to use it as extra time to hang out with Mike and teach etiquette. (The most desperate student’s name is Livy and is Jessie’s younger sister)

In Chapter 6, Mike and Josie demonstrate a dance routine together for the students. Mike pulls her in unexpectedly and kisses her. Josie is disgusted and Mike is embarrassed. They dance together again. It all just clicks. They have so much chemistry. Mike asks Josie if she wants to be his girlfriend and to his delight, she says yes. Everyone is very happy! The next day, the couple go to Mike’s house and dance to the radio and kiss again.

I hope you liked the summary. Bye.

Australian rap

I have discovered a new kind of music, Australian rap. I think that all the best rappers are of some sort of Australian background or nationality, like Iggy Azelea and Illy. My favourite Illy song is Last Laugh. I love Australia 🇦🇺 and seek to become as good as these rappers.

There is an Australian rap trio called Hilltop Hoods. The first song of theirs that I heard a few days ago was Cosby Sweater. Then I listened further to the album, and heard a song that made me feel really good. It was called Art of a handshake.

My favourite lyrics in Illy’s Last Laugh are

My muma didn’t raise no fool

Hell yeah I got the last laugh!

Ya, joke’s on you!

Thank you!

Time to finish with the Australian anthem.

Australians let us rejoice for we are young and free

That’s enough. Well, since I don’t know the full anthem, I am gonna write my own verse.

Australians are hunters in their blood

Indigenous or not, we stand strong

White Australians stole the Nyoongar booja and brought new things to our land

Nyoongar children brought kep to the families

Even though I do not descend from the white Australians or the traditional owners of Australia, I respect that Australia is amazing booja. I love this country in whence I was born. I will also go to any length of activism to stand up for the Nyoongar races and I will fight against injustice of any kind.

I am, you are, we are Australian!

My crafts part 2

I found my box of puppets. All the puppets are nice and safe in the little cardboard box. There are some leftover sticks and a few pipecleaners in case I needed to make more puppets. Here they are.

The wedding dress puppet

This puppet was made by sticking paper shreds together for the dress, securing it by wrapping a purple pipecleaner round the centre of the stick, and drawing her a face.

She was meant to be part of a puppet show. She was a bride.

Rope puppet

This puppet was made by wrapping a piece of rope around the top, then I made a black felt cloak and taped it to the rope.

The cloak on its own

Conjoined puppets

These puppets are conjoined by a single pipecleaner and one is a naked son and one is a father who is wearing a robe. They both have drawn-on faces. The father has tape going up his back to keep the pipecleaner and his clothes on.

Cloak puppet

This puppet’s cloak is made with felt and stuck on with glue. It is stuck onto the back with tape as you can see.

Worker puppet

I honestly don’t know how I made this. Her name is Khloe.

Superhero puppet

Can’t remember this one either.

I made a sequin-covered dream catcher a few days ago. Here it is.

Here is my decorated paper and plastic cups collection. I am an artist👩🏼‍🎤

Purple even on the inside
Bright coloured cups and pretty patterns

The Maidens, Brie and Angeli (M rated)

This a play I though I would write since I am an aspiring writer (among other things). If you are a producer or something, please give making this a shot, please! Enjoy 🙂

*Warning: You may cry (even just reading this) so have some tissues or a loved one nearby*

Scene one: Introduction

(Happy orchestral music plays and the lights turn on, revealing a beautiful lake with boulders and trees)

Narrators: (simultaneously) Ah! The princesses. They come and go from this very magical spot to meet this one gentleman. His name is Lue.

(Two princesses run onto the stage giggling. Brie is holding a rose and is full of life and immaturity. Angeli is slender and beautiful. The narrators exit)

Brie: He is magnificent. I want to marry him.

Angeli: You barely know him, Brianna!

(Music stops)

Brie: (angrily) Do you not believe in love at first sight, my sister? You don’t need to know a person to be in love.

(Brie runs off the stage, dropping the rose)

Angeli: Brianna, Brianna! Where are you going?

Brie: (turning her head, still running) To Lue!

Angeli: (running after her) I’m coming too!

(Blackout, set change)

Scene two: Lue’s house

(Lights turn on, elegant dance music plays)

Narrators: (in turn) The princess, Brie, was yearning the hand of beautiful Lue, a rich man. Yet, she did not know that a more beautiful maiden had danced with Lue first.

(Narrators leave, finely-dressed women and men, including Lue, come from all directions, the two princesses found in their midst)

Angeli: Anyway, my dear sister, with all these people and all this chatter, we’ll never find Lue!

(Lue approaches the girls, Brie looks at her sister smugly)

Lue: Angelina! Brianna! I have looked all over for you. I must apologise. Your father had said very strictly that I must wed one of you, but I have fallen in love with Merissa. She is charming and beautiful with long, flowing hair and her mother has grown to love me as her son. (Turns head) Merissa dearest, please show!

(Music stops, guests leave except Merissa who sweeps the stage and approaches the sisters, Brie is greatly disappointed)

Merissa: These halls belong to me now, ladies. How important are you girls anyway. You probably live on a farm. (Cackling) Who am I trying to kid!? Of course you live on a farm! (Caressing Brie’s chin) Would you mind if I take this man for myself, ceasing his love, praise, gifts and everything you ever wanted or got from him?

Brie: (angrily) We, the elegant maidens who have been greatly hurt by YOU, are princesses! You, wicked Merissa, are a witch! And no, I am not letting you take everything I ever wanted from Lue, because soon he will hate you and I know Lue, he doesn’t hate unless someone is really evil or mean, such as yourself! Soon, he will love me.

Merissa: (crying crocodile tears) Oh, how could she be so mean? Lue, be sure not to invite Angelina, the reaper, and her pathetic little sister to our wedding tomorrow, and the next time you see them, make it clear that you will never love a maiden with such a hideous face.

(Lue carries away his bride to her sleeping quarters, Brie silently cries and her sister silently tries to console her)

(Blackout and intermission)

Scene three: In Brie’s sleeping chamber

(Lights turn on. Brie is in her bed, awake and miserable)

Brie: Oh, what woe has consumed my heart! Lue, a rich man, and my only true love is being wed to awful Merissa as I lay in my bed, alone and crying.

(A servant enters the room)

Servant: Princess Brie, your crying is pitiful and I cannot help but wonder what sorrow has befallen you. The tears do not disperse as they leave your eyes. The sadness must be consuming you heart as it beats. What grief is ailing you, my dear princess?

Brie: I grieve over the loss of my true love, Lue. He is marrying Merissa, but she is mean and not kind-hearted. I cry tears of great sorrow.

Servant: (addressing the audience) Let’s see about that.

(Servant leaves, Brie dries her tears and sits in the middle of the stage, lights dim)

Brie: (singing) Oh Latino soldier on the sand of Ombi Beach. You stole my heart at first glance as I tried to run away. My black dress caught the sand as I walked to the sea. My mother grabbed my cold hand, wanting to pull me away, but after all it was me who didn’t want to stay. The feeling all around made me want to cry and I really wanted to say, Oh Latino soldier take me over rocky beaches off the coast of my homeland.

(Brie leaves, lights turn on and Angeli enters, holding a poem book)

Angeli: (reading from the poem book) Love is but a simple thing, a tender feeling of one’s heart, but –

(Angeli looks around and doesn’t find her sister)

Angeli: (distraught) My sister. She is gone.


Scene four: The wedding

(Lights turn on, Merissa and Lue are standing side-by-side at the altar, Brie bursts in, panting)

Brie: Stop that wedding. I have something to say!

Merissa: (sarcastically) Of course, Brianna. How splendid.

Brie: She is terrible. She doesn’t deserve Lue.

Merissa: (pulling out a musket and aiming it at Brie) Stop right there!

(The crowd of guests chatter amongst themselves, astonished at the scene)

Brie: No, Merissa. Don’t shoot that gun. There will be war if you shoot me. I am a princess.

Merissa: (cackling maniacally) Do you think I care?! (Loads gun) Bye bye, princess. Nothing can come between me and my Lue!

(Merissa shoots the musket, but Lue jumps in front of Brie, saving her, but he gets shot instead, right in the stomach, silence)

Brie: (on her knees, crying) You evil thing. My Lue. He’s gone! (yelling and looking up at Merissa) Nobody will ever love you, Merissa! You are a murderer.

Merissa: What’s stopping me from killing you know? Well, atleast you can die with dignity. But no statue will ever be build for the death of a nineteen-year-old pathetic princess who died with tears streaming down her face because of the death of a more beautiful lady’s groom.

(The crowd gasps in terror as Merissa shoots her last bullet through Brie’s breast)

(The action onstage freezes as the narrators enter)

Narrators: Though Lue was long gone, dead at the first contact the bullet made to his skin, young Brianna isn’t dead, atleast not yet! She is paralysed, but her love for Lue allows her to speak one last time, to her dear sister.

Brie: (still frozen) My dear Angelina, I am dying. I have been shot. Lue is unfortunately dead. He was struck down saving me at Merissa’s first attempt of shooting me. He is not here anymore to help me. I am dying. Don’t be sad. Dry your tears. I will see you wherever lost spirits go. In a sense, I will always be here. Please ask mother and father to commission a mural or statue in my honour once they find out. This may have come as a shock, but I am oddly calm. I am not in any pain. You can sleep tonight. You can think of me. My lungs are stopping, my brain is numb and –

(Brie falls over, dead, blackout)

Scene five: Afterlife

(A light turns on. Brie and Lue are underneath it)

Narrators: (entering) Brie has died. Lue has died. They are finally together.

(Brie and Lue hold hands)

(The end)

The princess look by The Z-Ster (modelled by Alicia F)

This is how you transform into a fairy tale princess.

Step one: Put on a long dress of any colour and put your hair in a bun or pony tail.

Step two: Put on some light rose pink lipstick.

Step three: Apply a little bit of black eyeshadow. Remember, sweep from the inner eye forward with your brush! This will make it easier.

Step four: Lastly, take out your luscious princess hair and your look will be complete.

The Z-ster’s handmade jewellery and clothes.

All handmade. I love DIY fashion.
Funky original tie-dye T-shirt for casual occasions or days in.
Bold M pattern for “Magical”.
A burst of colour at the hem.
Duck face! Even models do silly faces.
Blue, purple, grass green, coral green, red, orange crocheted wrist band.

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P. F

This The Z-ster Inc. male model is 75 years old and very stylish. He is also my grandpa! He is very handsome. I style and do everything for him in fashion like his makeup and hair and I pick out a hat for him and a fabulous outfit. He loves hats and looks great in them. Learn more about him in his birthday post.

Little watch, red top, suspenders, dramatic black hat, dark blue trackies.
Straw hat with black band. Fabulous!
Silver eyeshadow, thin mascara.

Mallika F

This healthy, stylish The Z-ster Inc. model is also my grandma! She is 74 years old. Her colour is black. Like for all the others, I style everything for her and pick out the outfit and accessories for fashion shoots and events.

Little black top, golden broach, retro blue jeans, gorgeous blue ring, braided watch, little stylish necklace, gorgeous, small black earrings.
Baby pink lipstick, dark blue eyeshadow.
Dramatic hat tilt.
Totally fab plaid hat.

Kieran L

The Z-ster Inc. would like to introduce our new male model Kieran L. He is also my dad! He takes a lot of care of himself by eating a lot of iron and him and I take a lot of care of that lovely beard of his. He has a strong sense personality and just like the others, he is beautiful in his own way. The colour that looks best on him and represents him is moss green. I am his fashion designer, fashion coordinator, makeup artist, hairstylist, health monitor, fashion consultant and employer. These are some outfits and styles that suit him and highlight his best parts that he is modelling.

Moss green button-down shirt, well-groomed, relaxed beard, high ponytail, cool, black eyeliner, thin mascara, shimmering orange lipstick, classic blue jeans, pink-and-purple head-piece/necklace of my own design and making. The hipster look.
Anime character pose.

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Keiran has a Channel of his own that he started years ago. It is called Kieran Lee. I am helping him restart his channel by collaborating with him and liking his videos.

Alicia F

In The Z-ster Inc. we represent and influence all kinds of things including fashion, health, self-care and beauty. I love fashion and health and going for treatments and mani pedis at salons. So does this model who spends lots of time and money taking care of her beautiful hair and skin. Her brown hair highlights really suit her. She has a very different kind of beauty and has a very strong personality and sense of humour. She is very proud to wear the fabulous clothes I ask her to model. She is a natural beauty and rarely uses makeup because I, a fashion icon, her employer, her makeup artist, style coordinator, fashion consultant, hairstylist and designer, do not encourage the use of cosmetics, but if you do use makeup, I suggest just lipgloss or lip balm because makeup is not necessary. I will use this blog and my channel to help you find fabulous lip-glosses, care products and clothes to suit your personality and type of beauty, and my models, including Alicia F, will model those things.

Alicia’s hair is very short and curly and it suits her and goes with her outfits.

Everybody has a colour that represents them. Alicia’s is purple. Mine is white.

Stylish, fabulous rainbow coat. Messy bun that suits her. Smart patterned glasses. Sassy black top. Eating lamb chops.
Sassy turn.
Glamorous striped shirt. The comfortable, trendy skirt over leggings. No makeup. All natural.
Fab nails painted by me!
Gemma’s hairstyle. Puckering pink lipstick. Flower-like goth eyelining. Thick mascara.
Goth look.

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My Baby Yoda Plush

I just got a baby Yoda plushie. He is so cute. He comes with a food bowl and a one-eyed frog.

Last night, he had the soup that he came with. I then put the frog beside him. I then started cuddling him whilst I decorated some paper cups for my collection. Baby Yoda is very soft and cuddly.

He slept well.

Now he is on my desk in front of my mini mannequin. Soo cute!


Starbucks Yoda


Yesterday I went duckling-watching with my friend, Jazz at a lake near her house.

As we walked towards the lake, we saw some red hens walking on a grate. They were mother and father red hens. Then we saw a duck swimming up to them. As we walked around the side of the lake, Jazz saw some ducklings and we went to get a closer look as one of the ducklings swam towards us. We started walking on again.

Me and Jazz sat down on a bench and watched DJ KJ and her brother, Dark_Zelda running laps around the lake. Suddenly, we saw a long-neck turtle on the grass! I had never seen one like that before. Me, Jazz and our parents crowded around it and it moved towards the long, sharp plants near the lake. DJ KJ ran towards us to see what we were looking at. Then Jazz‘s brother walked towards us. After we got a good look at the turtle, we cleared her a path. Well, I think it was a girl! She slowly walked to the lake. DJ KJ followed her to make sure she got there. Jazz and DJ KJ were complaining about her going too slow and I was telling them to just let nature unfold. Jazz’s mum was holding their dog, Legend, back from the turtle. The turtle finally ventured into the tall grass and we couldn’t see her anymore. No birds could get her in the grass. Hopefully she got to the lake. Jazz‘s mum let go of Legend’s collar and we walked him back to their house. I pet him a lot. I love animals!

On the way back, we saw some more birds. We saw some ducks, the red hens from before and a couple of cockatoos.

Me and Jazz thought we could maybe come back to clean the lake coz there was so much rubbish there. That reminds me, if you wanna clean up a lake or tidepool that you think might be polluted or at risk of not being a good home for animals or any kind of life, do it! You can gather all your friends and form a team to cover more ground. If want a environmental job done, don’t rely on other people, especially the government, to do it, you better take action by yourself or with a few friends, because nobody knows how you want a job done better than you and if you are like me and don’t know if the government would do a cleanup that is aware of the life already there, there is all the more reason you should do it yourself. #Beindependant

Princess Ashley Gerald

Princess Ashley Gerald

By The Z-Ster

A perfect princess tale

Once upon a time, a wealthy Queen had a beautiful, angelic daughter whose name was Ashley. She was the treasure of the kingdom. She grew to be a lovely, inquisitive child. The King made a big announcement to all.

The Queen and King had a young niece named Autumn who ruled a far away land as the eldest of four princesses . She was to be wed to the prince of India, Prince Al. Princess Ashley was to attend the wedding.

“You must look royal and dainty!” the Queen told Princess Ashley. Princess Ashley was eighteen years old at the time. She was a fine princess. Her smile was a glistening joy. Her laugh was a song of the gods. She was loved by her subjects.

“Mother,” said Princess Ashley, “I will fetch my best gown straight away!” She walked, gracefully, to the royal dressing room. Servants came to her. They asked her which gown she desired.

“May I acquire my best ball gown? The one that was gifted to me by the duchess of the UK,” the princess told the servants. She was already wearing a pink dress with elegant spots of blue. The servants took her into the dressing room with polished mirrors and rows of different styles of beautiful, fancy dresses, suits, slacks, skirts, leggings, stocking and coats for all occasions. She sat on a rich leather chair, waiting patiently for the servants to return with her gown.

“Is this it, Your Highness?” asked one of the servants. Princess Ashley stood up with her metal staff. She asked the servants to leave, very politely. She put the very elegant ball gown on. It was white with lots of gold stripes. The top was small and puffy, but the bottom was huge and puffy with lots of different layers underneath. All of the layers were very thin, except the top one which was very thick. The top of the gown had one huge gold stripe, but the bottom had lots of interlocking gold stripes.

“Royal hairdressers, make my daughter’s hair the most majestic in all the wedding!” ordered the Queen. The royal hairdressers came and collected the young princess. They took their expensive hair elixirs that were the best in all the kingdom. She sat in a chair. They ran their elixir-covered fingers through her orange hair as she sat still.

“Your Majesty, you will look beautiful. You will put all the other maidens to shame at the wedding. Princess Autumn will be jealous of your beauty as she she stands at your presence,” a hairdresser told Her Highness. Princess Ashley called for a servant to give her some shoes. The servant brought two pairs of shoes. One pair had the highest heels of them all so she could look down on people as she walked past them before taking her seat, the other pair was a pair of shiny shoes and they were light blue and very well polished. Both pairs were beautiful and had been offerings from princes who gave the shoes to the one maid who then showed the shoes to Princess Ashley. She chose the ruby-red heels. She slid her dainty, little toes into them.

Once the hairdressers were done, she had some lovely braids. The royal hairdressers spent two hours putting in the elixirs and braiding the hair and putting the flowers into the braids.

“I am prepared for the wedding,” said Princess Ashley. The King and Queen sent for the royal chariot. They began to ride the chariot to the church. They rode all the way across the countryside and through the busy city. The horses trotted very slowly. Princess Ashley watched everything passing outside the chariot. She sometimes turned her head to see the horses moving the chariot. They elegantly trotted and galloped. The trip took hours upon hours of travel. Princess Ashley sighed in immense weariness. It had already been two hours and she was very hungry and her mouth was dry. Her thirst was overwhelming.

“Princess, are you hungry? Some servants have packed previsions for our trip to the church including a fine bottle of wine and a fresh stake that our hunter has brought back. Our best chef has cooked it to perfection. Our best, most expensive silverware has been packed,” the Queen told Princess Ashley.

“Yes, I am starving. Father dearest, please, will you bring me the stake?” said Princess Ashley. The King placed the stake on a plate made of pure silver and Princess Ashley began eating it with a golden fork and bronze knife. She daintily dabbed her cheeks with her prized handkerchief that her grandma gifted her.

“We are approaching the church!” cried the King, “Daughter, the people must behold your beauty. You’ve never been to important events like this before.” One of the foreign princes helped her out of the chariot, as was custom. He was Prince Ben. He took her by the hand and kissed it. Then the King and Queen majestically stepped out. Prince Ben and Princess Ashley walked into the church and sat down. The Queen and King walked in afterwards and a man dressed in a silken tunic and a charming, red hat with a pink feather announced, “King Tom, Queen Bethany and the youngest, Princess Ashley. The Gerald clan.”

Princess Autumn and Prince Al met the celebrant who married them.

“And the union of these two lovers, their families and the kingdoms over which they rule will start here,” said the celebrant.

Three years later, the King decreed that each family should present their eldest son to him. He wanted his daughter to get married. If a family did not have a son, they were to present their cow, goat or pig to provide for the couple after the King had chosen a husband for her daughter.

One morning, a woman came to the King with her goat. It was fat and healthy. The King was very pleased with the animal and he rose from his throne.

“This goat. Can she make milk?” asked the King.

“Yes. Very sweet, rich milk. Fit for royalty!” said the woman, “The grain that I feed her is only the best in the kingdom. I harvest it every spring and she eats it and it plumps her up. Here is the grain to feed her.”

“Hand me the goat and the grain. She will bring milk and cheese and butter to the mouth of my daughter and her husband that I have not yet chosen,” said the King, taking the goods, “Princess, I have a goat!”

Princess Ashley came into the throne room and curtsied before the King. She ran to the goat and fed her. She was going to keep the goat in her royal bedroom and take care of her by feeding her and when she is wed, she will ask the servants to make butter and cheese and cream from its rich milk.

The next day, an old couple arrived with their eldest son. He was handsome and the King was pleased.

“Princess, meet your groom-to-be!” called the King. Princess Ashley entered the throne room to meet the young man. He kissed her hand. Her gown was blue and made of sparkled silk.

“Mother,” said the young man, “I don’t believe I am fit for a prince.”

“Time to prepare for a wedding!” said the King, “Royal messenger, send invitations to all royalty.” Princess Ashley turned to her mother. She gave Princess Ashley the necklace that she was given when she married the King.

“The wedding will be tonight,” said the King to the messenger, “Between Princess Ashley Gerald and Derek Himalton. Now tell the duchesses, the dukes, the kings, the queens, the princesses and the princes, about the wedding and when it will be. Where it will be.”

The messenger set off.

That night, Princess Ashley was forced to wear a corset and a gown. The maid dressed her. Princess Ashley loved talking to the maid. On a wedding day women had no choice in what to wear. The royal makeup artists powdered her face and painted her small lips in rouge. The hairdressers spent a very long time on her hair. It was sometimes so painful that a tear fell from her green eye.

A painter was called. He took the princess and painted her wedding portrait for the wall. Looking at the painting, Princess Ashley knew she would always be remembered as a radiant princess.

Before the wedding, Princess Ashley, her family and the maid rode the chariot to a great fire pit, as was custom. The fire ceremony of the Gerald clan was about to begin. The princess was to peer into the pit and reach into the flames and if her hands are covered in soot, they shall immediately move onto the wedding as she is a mere mortal princess, but if her hands are not burned, soot-covered or even touched by the flames, it would mean she will be blessed and so will her union with Derek. To celebrate, the family could have a great bonfire before the wedding and the princess had to fire-dance.

“Look in!” said the Fire Guardian, “Reach for the chain!” The Fire Guardian stood by the pit. He took his responsibility as a guardian very seriously. Princess Ashley anxiously peering into the crackling fire as it burnt the logs beneath. She put her hands into the pit and reached for the chain. The pit wasn’t deep, but the flames were high. She felt the heat on her skin. Sweat trickled down, but she was too hot to feel it. She felt like she was melting. She grasped the chain and pulled it out of the raging flames. She cried, the tears falling into the fire. Smoke puffed up. She finally dropped the chain onto the grass. Embers still flickered on the chain and ash covered it. Suddenly, Princess Ashley’s eyes stung from the smoke rising up from the tears in the fire.

“Her hands!” gasped the Fire Guardian, “They remain untouched.”

The Fire Guardian handed Princess Ashley the sacred stick. He told her to dip the end of the stick into the blazing hot fire. He said that the fire had been burning for sixty years, and generations of princesses and their families had done the fire ceremony ritual. One strike of the stick would set the stick alight. She plunged the stick into the fire. The Guardian was right. A small ember touched the stick and lit a flame. Princess Ashley watched the flame grow higher. The red spark reflected in her eyes.

“Twirl the stick. The smoke will create rings spinning through the air. Relight the flame. This will make the fire grow stronger than ever before, Princess!” the Fire Guardian told Princess Ashley, poetically and sombrely as if he’d said it one million times, to one million princesses. The princess did as he said. The loops of smoke floated into the clouds. She loved it.

“Princess, let’s be leaving! You wouldn’t want to be late to get married. The earlier you leave, the better! It’s a long way to the church and the wedding’s at ten,” said the maid, sitting in the chariot and pointing at the princess’ spot beside her mother, the Queen.

Princess Ashley waved to the Fire Guardian after she slid the stick back into the ancient box that was decorated in diamonds, emeralds and rubies, topaz all around the outside. But then she got greedy and peeled a emerald off the box. Knowing she could never go back and that she was no longer princess material, she ran, clenching the jewel in her hand. She felt that now she didn’t deserve to wear a crown.

Princess Ashley ran through the woods. Her dress was all ripped up. She felt like she was no longer the beloved, pure Princess Ashley. Now she felt that she was just Asher the Mischievous. She would no longer be a proud heir to the throne if everyone knew what she did. She thought that her portrait would be taken down.

Who knows what will happen to our heroine now?

The end

Even more about me!

I love writing, making YouTube videos, fashion, watching YouTubers such as Ssniperwolf, TheOdd1sOut, Thriller Teller, Snarled and CookieSwirlC. CookieSwirlC, Ssniperwolf and TheOdd1sOut are my favourites. I like researching about history, animation and mythology. My YouTube channel is The Z-ster. I also like Stranger Things and Disenchantment. My favourite movie is Birds of Prey. My favourite movie genres are teen/tween fiction and horror fiction or nonfiction. I love being scared! I love telling scary stories as well and I am a queen of fear. I am a passionate and talented artist and I love sketching things that I see and I ever so often sketch on my desk to keep my creative juices flowing. I am also a vampire coz blood tastes so good, alien, mermaid, princess of Warrior Land (second to one of my sisters who sits as queen), queen of Mest, adventure seeker, second queen of Whitelands and phoenix! So I am practically everything and immortal! I am a music enthusiast and am a wanna-be singer. I am subscribed to a few singers on YouTube Music and just found out who Becky G is. I’ve been told that I am a really good singer. The main time that I sing is when I am listening to music. I love animals and especially ponies. I am already studying animals and am keeping a veterinarian notebook. I also gave up eating meat a few months ago. The animal I know most about: Axelotle – Mexican Walking Fish.

Bye! 😁😃😀🌈🦄

The Beautiful Ocean. A scary story.

The beautiful Ocean

By The Z-Ster

*the dark secrets of the sea

Every morning, thirteen-year-old Daisy would sit at the shoreline of the ocean in front of her little house. The deep blue water would lap at her feet as she sat there in her yellow bathing suit, feeling the breeze whip against her long, snowy white hair. She was born with white hair and caramel skin. She didn’t know why, but her parents thought it was very special. None of the other girls at her school were born with white hair.

One morning, Daisy slipped on her bathing suit, wiped sunscreen onto her skin until it was white as her hair and grabbed her favourite Barbie doll that was put upright on a bench next to the front door, dressed in a little sun-shirt. Daisy tore across the the sand with her doll. Daisy reached the beach and twirled and twisted with her doll’s blond hair. Then she went far out into the ocean and let the tide move her. When she was at the beach, she could just relax.

“Daisy, time for some fruit smoothies,” yelled her mum. Daisy loved her mum’s homemade smoothies. She loved drinking them every morning. Her mum got fruits from the garden and some water and mixed it together with some chunky powder that is in the flavour of the fruit that her mum got.

“What flavour?” asked Daisy when she got back to the house. Her mum said to have a taste and guess. She tasted the smoothie. It had rainbow-coloured foam at the top. She moved her straw around a little bit. Then she sipped on it again.

“Is it multiple flavour?” asked Daisy.

“Ding, ding, ding!” said her mum.

Daisy took the smoothie back down to the beach. She continued drinking it as she floated at the surface of the water. Her mum always put a cap on the cups for her smoothies so she could go in the water with it. She finished the lemony, coconuty, strawberry-y smoothie and put the cup on the sand. She then let the water consume her and she floated out into the ocean with the tide. She held onto her metal straw and when she got far enough into the heart of the ocean, she stuck one end into her mouth and let the other break the surface of the water. She used it as a snorkel. She pulled a hair-clip out of the pocket in her bathing suit. She clipped it around her nose so she didn’t breathe through it.

Wow, thought Daisy, looking around her. The marine life around her was breathtaking. She’d never seen anything like that. She had tried to see this world every time she ventured out into the heart of the ocean. She had used her metal straw as a snorkel every time. She wanted to be able to breathe when she explored the bottom of the ocean. She wanted to have something to observe for her marine-biology book. She loved swimming, she loved exploring the ocean and she loved marine-biology.

Daisy wanted to get to the bottom. She would do anything for her studies, even the impossible. She dared to take out the straw for a few seconds to get to the bottom. She closed her mouth, leaving the hair-clip on her nose.

Daisy fought against the water by paddling with her hands. She floated to the bottom. At the bottom of the ocean, everything was clean and clear because all the rubbish and litter in the ocean was floating to the top. The sea creatures were all clearing their home, the ocean. Daisy was amazed. She knew that becoming a marine biologist was a good choice. She was also going to be a conservationist for the beautiful beaches and when she speaks up about cleaning the beaches of the pollution, she would reflect on the experience of writing a marine-biology book and for her studies, going to the beach and daringly snorkelling with all the different creatures. She belonged to the ocean. She was drawn to it as of it was always calling to her. Wherever she went, the nearest ocean was always luring her to come and explore, swim and dive, as if they knew her intentions for her marine-biology studies and conservation.

Daisy noticed a box. It was covered and overgrown with some kind of algae. She tried to pull it from the ground, but it was held down by all that was growing on it.

How interesting, she thought, this is prickly and it feels like tiny thorns. Daisy examined the box underneath the soft algae with prickly edges. It was stuck! And there was something else stuck beneath it. Daisy was determined to figure out why this algae was so thick, why it was so strong. Daisy slowly unclipped her hair-clip from her nose. She cut through the algae with her hair-clip. It floated up. She peeled the leftover algae off.

This box is so interesting, she thought, trying not to float up to the top of the water. She grabbed the box. She was losing her breath so she tried to swim back up, but her foot was caught on something. She tried to scream, but her screams were all muffled. She felt her breath slowly slip away. The only life around her was the marine life, but it was too pretty and elegant and complexed to care. It had its own purposes that nobody had really found out. She kept kicking around. She held onto her doll.

“Let go!” she tried to scream, “HELP!” She couldn’t breathe and this plant was latching onto her foot. She frantically writhed. She tossed back her head to look at what was keeping her there, but she couldn’t see a plant. Two blood-red eyes stared at here from beneath and an inky black hand reached out, squeezing her foot. Daisy was very skilled. She placed her hair-clip between her toes, the sharp side facing the eyes and the sharp corner was facing the hand, but the very blunt side was facing Daisy’s body. All she had to do now was kick and not drop the clip. She shook her foot. She moved her foot up the hand, scraping it with the hair-clip’s corner. She also jabbed the hair-clip into the eyes. The hand let go of her and the eyes closed. Whatever creature that was took its hand and closed its eyes as it descended back into the ocean. Daisy grabbed her doll and the box as she rose out of the water and took a deep breath. She swam back to shore as she tried to fill her lungs with the clear oxygen that she missed.

“Come, Daisy,” said her mum who was on the shore already, “I’ve got your towel. It’s almost time for school!” Daisy was shivering. She’d never been underwater for this long. Her mum gave her some homemade coffee. It was bitter, but it warmed Daisy’s heart and she felt more awake and alert for the day ahead. She rarely ever drank coffee or even the the slightest caffeinated drink. She only drank it when she spend a very long time in the water so she could warm up or when she didn’t have time to have breakfast and coffee is the easiest thing to prepare. Coffee filled Daisy up and if she had a nice, big cup of bitter coffee she didn’t need to eat anything else. Her mum had coffee every morning because she was very busy writing newspaper articles all day and she needed a big shot of coffee to fill her up and get her through the day. Her dad preferred tea which was a bit more expensive and fancy than just whipping up a tall cup of coffee. He was always awake and he had no need for caffeine in the morning. The only kind of coffee that he could make was an ice mocha. He loved ice mochas.

“There are scratches on your foot,” said Daisy mum, “Did you cut it in some sharp coral?” Daisy’s mum knew about her adventures in the deep sea.

“Something latched onto my foot,” explained Daisy, between slurps of her coffee, “It was kind of odd actually! There was a creature squeezing onto my foot. It’s hand was black. It’s eyes were pastel red. I couldn’t breathe. I went to the bottom this time so I had to take out the snorkel straw. I was clutching my doll to my chest. Losing my breath, I used my skills to make it retreat by sticking my hair-clip between my toes.” Her mum believed her.

The next day, Daisy and her mum woke up late. Daisy jolted her mum awake the moment she felt the morning light on her skin and hair. She was in a hurry to get into the water because she wanted to try and get some pictures with her underwater camera.

“Mum, mum, mum!” she yelled, brewing some coffee for her mum. Her mum drank her coffee and started making Daisy a smoothie. She ground some cherries with some fresh, not salty water. She whisked them all up until they were nice, smooth and soft.

“Here, Daisy. You’re as radiant as the flower you were named after,” said Daisy’s mum, handing her the smoothie. Cherry was Daisy’s favourite fruit. It had a sweet, tangy and intoxicating flavour. She sipped on the smoothie through the straw.

Daisy took her doll, that she had just named Moana which means water in Hawaii, and got ready to leave for the beach. She finished up her smoothie and pulled the straw out. She ran down to the ocean and grabbed her underwater camera on her way. She leapt into the ocean as soon as she arrived. She looked like a mermaid. She plunged into the water and keeping her hands behind her back, she swam under the water, just like a mermaid. It was like flying! The ocean was the sky. She finally broke the surface, her hair all wet. It was damp and sticky and her curls had smoothed out. She sank under the deep water again. She gracefully swam like a mermaid once more. She was not good at gymnastics, but she could do gymnastic moves underwater because water was beautifully liquid and easy to move through. She spun around like a barrel. She contorted her body so she could hold her feet and look like a ring. She floated up. She put the straw in her mouth and clipped her hair-clip around her nose. She was going to take some pictures underwater.

Daisy took Moana under her arm and put the camera strap around her neck. She prepared herself for a few minutes of underwater studies and photography. Down she went. The straw was long enough for her to get atleast halfway to the bottom. She didn’t want to get all the way to the bottom because of what happened the day before. She saw an interesting sea-slug that was illuminating in the water. Daisy picked it up and took a picture of it as its glowing, purple slime dribbled onto her hand. It looked like one of her glow-in-the-dark scrunchies, but it was sticky and wet.

A few years later, she finished her book on marine-biology. She filled it with observations on her pet sea-slug, Cecilia, the same one she met before. She put the pictures she took of her in the page of the book that introduces Cecilia. She became a famous conservationist and swimmer. She won medals for her extraordinary swimming. She entered competitions and races. She moved to Canada and swam in her pool that was connected to the ocean where her, Cecilia, Moana and her friends could swim and study. She published her book and it became a bestseller. Cecilia lived in a tank with salt water and lots of water for maximum density for her, when they were moving to Canada. Daisy didn’t leave Cecilia to fend for herself in the ocean pool. She researched what sea-slugs eat when she was studying for her book, which she titled Pet Sea-slugs: A Marine-Biology Book On Cecilia. She decided to feed Cecilia with that and she still took pictures of Cecilia for her blog when she was sitting in the pool.

The end

The hospital. A sweet but scary tale.

The Hospital

By The Z-Ster

Innocent, eleven-and-a-half-year-old Emily was caught in a fight between two men. She didn’t know what happened. It all went so fast. Suddenly she was sliding down the road, covered in blood, scratches and bullet wounds. She lay on the grass for an hour, motionless. Her eyes followed every passing stranger, but she was distant. The ambulance was quick, but not quick enough. She was already in a coma. She was alive, but she needed help.

The nurse, Nurse Ellie, bandaged her cuts. They were all hopeful.

One morning, three weeks after the accident, Emily woke up! She could see almost everything, but yet, all she could see was mysterious and baffling. She could remember Eliza, the little girl who spoke to her, from every day that she was in her coma. The nurse sounded just like Eliza. Maybe since she didn’t what she looked like, Emily just formed a picture of the nurse in her mind. The nurse was amazed and relieved that she had woken up.

Nurse Ellie had beautiful long, dark hair with emerald eyes and porcelain skin, but Eliza had short, ginger, messy hair and lip-shine as purple as Emily’s favourite skirt. Eliza was twelve years old, but Nurse Ellie was twenty-seven years old. Eliza was always wearing her red hairband and pretty yellow flats. Eliza wore her hair out, Nurse Ellie wore one flawless braid.

At the hospital, almost all Emily could hear was the beating of her heart. Sometimes fast. Sometimes at a normal pace. She loved Nurse Ellie. The more Emily grew fond of having Nurse Ellie by her side, the more Nurse Ellie was concerned about Emily’s health.

“Emily could have a damaged heart,” Nurse Ellie told Emily’s doctor’s secretary, “Send for the doctor immediately.” The doctor was called Dr Fernandez. He checked up on Emily.

Nurse Ellie was right. Emily had a weak heart. Emily lay in her bed. She was counting the hours until the surgery.

“Death may be near,” she wrote in her journal that she kept from the first day she woke up from her coma, “The surgeons are preparing their tools for the transplant. There is a ninety percent chance of success. I will be going at five in the evening. The surgeons and nurses are extremely prepared and experienced. I’ll have a snack before the nurses come to get me, peanut butter and jam sandwich. Then they will put in the needle for the anaesthetic. I’ve had surgeries before, non as vital as this. These are my last hours of trauma. Soon, I will have a new heart! Dr Fernandez will call my parents after the transplant.” Emily was scared of dying. Surgeries always made her nervous, but she could only faintly remember the surgeries before the incident. She had been writing every detail of her hospital experience in her journal just in case she died and people needed to know her story and it was her way of coping with all of the stress and fear of waking up in a hospital, barely remember anything. Her first entry she wrote in her journal was right after she woke up. It read, “I just woke up in a hospital, from a coma, I think. There are thick bandages wrapped tightly around my hands, shoulders and calves. My head hurts so badly. I’m in so much pain that I can’t even cry. Where is my friend? Is she just part of my imagination? She seemed so real. The last thing that happened, as far as I can remember, is two acres of grass, my head spinning, blood everywhere, agony, darkness. Then, my head stopped hurting and there she was, Eliza Leslie Jameson, the angel who was dragging me out of my painful moment. Her ginger hair shone in the sun. The first question I asked her was, ‘Am I dead?’She didn’t seem to hear me. I must have just slipped into a coma at that point. Then everything started feeling unreal and magical for some reason, like I had never seen the world before. I didn’t know what was happening. Suddenly the ground beneath me began to shake as if I was in a van. I asked Eliza, ‘What’s happening?’ But she didn’t respond. Eliza visited me every day until I woke up five minutes ago.”

After Emily’s snack, she fell asleep in her chair, but she didn’t know that it was because they put the sleeping powder into her sandwich. Nurse Ellie took her into the operating theatre and Surgeon Middle performed the surgery. Emily survived and woke up in her hospital bed. She ate some Triple Mulberry jelly that she was promised by Dr Jude. The nurses were all very nice and they had a lot of treats in their mini fridges because a lot of kids came in and liked eating candy. Unfortunately, Emily was still scared and the jelly was balled in her throat with a ball of tears and she couldn’t swallow it without the tears coming out her eyes.

Nurse Ellie visited her whenever she was scared.

The night before her parents arrived, Emily cried. She cried to Nurse Ellie. Nurse Ellie loved her. She’d taken care of Emily and had grown fond of her every day she was at the hospital. She was going to miss talking to Emily. She was going to miss walking in the hallway and looking over at Emily’s room. She loved being Emily’s nurse. She was going to miss every bit of taking care of her. She loved the girl who came in, innocently sleeping in a coma. It broke Nurse Ellie’s heart. She watched her for weeks, watching her breathe and ever now and again, Nurse Ellie would update Emily’s parents, but she couldn’t do it without trying not to sob as the tears ooze down. She didn’t want her parents to know that she was crying. Emily felt alone when she woke up to hear absolutely nothing. That broke her heart. Nurse Ellie’s voice was the only voice she remembered hearing, the only face she had grown used to seeing. She cried when Nurse Ellie was the only one who took care of her. She was scared when Nurse Ellie’s shift ended, because she was the only one who seemed to know how she felt. Nurse Ellie became her home, her dreams, a place to confide things to, other than her journal, when she was forgetting her parents faces. She felt like she didn’t have a life, her life was just the hospital, the coma and beautiful life-changing Nurse Ellie. Her eleven years of life felt wasted because she couldn’t remember a second of her life before the coma, before Nurse Ellie.

Before long, Emily was with her parents, moving forwards like she was meant to. Before, she was stuck in a parentless world where nothing would make sense and her only mother figure was Nurse Ellie. She would soon forget the life she had before, every day being a tragedy, never knowing or atleast remembering family time. She was sad until her parents came for her.

Even though she felt immense joy when she saw her parents’ faces, they weren’t her life. Nurse Ellie was her life. But it would be weird to love a mere nurse so Emily decided to move on, with her new life with her real parents.

As time began to show, it was hard to move on. Whenever Emily would see a scab or scar from the incident she would think of Nurse Ellie as she was the nurse to see them and stay with her while the other nurses got the first aid kits to treat them. When the other nurses got back, she cleaned each one thoroughly with all the different chemicals and techniques, just to be careful, for atleast seven minutes and then she got bandages and colourful kids’ plasters to carefully dress them with three different antiseptics! Nurse Ellie took all the precautions when it came to helping Emily.

Emily eventually moved on and loved her parents more than Nurse Ellie, but when she went to the hospital other times if there was an accident, Emily and Nurse Ellie remember how special they are to each other and Nurse Ellie still favoured Emily over all the others.

The end

Unspeakable vs odd1sout

These are basically two YouTubers that I know and I’ve watched enough videos from each of them to compare them.

First of all, if you are not familiar with these people, Unspeakable is a YouTuber who does Minecraft videos, weird challenges with his friends and prank videos. He screams a lot, most of the time for no reason! Odd1sout is an animator who animates stories and actually made a book!

I’m about get critical now. I think that Unspeakable didn’t go to high school! He sometimes doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Once he said, “This is 12 inches big.” Tall? Wide? Big doesn’t tell us! On the other hand, odd1sout is actually quite smart and makes good points.

Odd1sout only does animation and movie reviews, but he’s really good at what he does. But not everything about odd1sout is great, he writes a script for his videos, while Unspeakable just says whatever he likes depending on what happens. Unspeakable’s challenges can also be very wasteful and messy.

Unspeakable is more annoying than odd1sout because Unspeakable has merchandise and constantly interrupts the video to advertise it. Odd1sout doesn’t have merchandise and doesn’t interrupt his own video. What’s the point of making a video if you interrupt it? Unspeakable also repeats himself to drag out the video. You can’t help but yell, “We get it!”

Unspeakable has a strange method of getting more subscribers. He constantly puts people through hell by recording prank videos and he does it for the sheer purpose of likes.

As a fellow YouTuber, I am pretty sure the commenters are pointing out these things which is why comments are important. To comment sections! Seriously though, comment sections are a great way to tell your favourite YouTuber or blogger something. Again, to comment sections!

Now I will let you decide which is better. Tell me in the comments.

War. A heartfelt story about a girl living during a great, long war.


By The Z-Ster

The heartfelt story of a girl living during a great, long war

Teenage Scarlett was a bright, curious child. She was very lovely and sweet.

One day, war broke out and Scarlett had to run and steal things to survive. She ran from door to door, grabbing bread and drinking cold water left out on tables. She stuffed her purse with fish and cider that she steals from people more better off than her, like the French. Her parents were scared and she was scared. Her parents were worried about her since they didn’t steal, but she did.

During the war, all banks and restaurants were either burnt down or closed down. The French closed restaurants in Italy. Scarlett lived in Italy. She had to go to France for food, but she was afraid of being killed. She didn’t care. She needed to eat. In France, she snuck to restaurants, but she always checked to look for French soldiers.

The war started because Mr Luigi, a angry man from the market, shot the fifteen year old French princess, Princess Juli and her brother, Prince Yer. Fortunately, they survived, but they decided to declare war on Italy because of the shooting.

When Scarlett was going to France one morning, she saw Princess Juli looking over the warriors at war and the children hiding from and tackling with French soldiers and officers. Scarlett ran and ran to a shop to get some of the new candy, liquorice. When she sank her teeth into the three-cent piece of a purple whip and she snapped it, her fears melted into a moment of bliss. Sugar was her secret healer. She ate sugar to forget the war and drank sugar so she would think happy thoughts about it.

When she got home, she grabbed a shiv from her drawer. She sharpened it and went outside. Every day since the war started, French people thought she was a French girl, that’s what she told them to get food, but today, she was an Italian soldier. She stepped outside and a French soldier asked, “What do you think you’re doing with your little shiv?” She replied with, “Defending my country.” She threw the shiv. It sliced through his arm.

“Italian girl cut me with her shiv,” he yelled, his gashed arm bleeding. Other soldiers came with loaded guns and spears. She picked up the bloody shiv and cut through the crowd.

The princess squealed and shrilled in fear of losing the war.

“Soldiers!” yelled the officer to the soldiers, “Seize the girl!” Scarlett knew she had to run so her legs began to move before the soldiers could catch her.

When she finally reached her house, she grabbed her father’s gun and aimed it towards a female soldier at the front. Scarlett slowly pulled back the trigger, her fingers quivering.


The bullet launched across. Scarlett’s ears were ringing from the bang. A million hot tears trickled down her tanned cheek, all the way down her neck, into her blouse. She could barely see, but she saw the soldier fall. She wiped her tears with her long sleeves. How could she have done that to another person despite years of being taught never to hurt someone? She felt like a terrible person.

“Soldier down!” someone yelled in the street.

Id better hide, she thought. She ran. Is THIS war? was the first thought that sprung into her mind.

The soldier survived, but Italy was about to win the war as the French were going to surrender due to Scarlett’s outburst.

The next morning, Scarlett woke up, ate an apple, drank some tea, ate some gelato and heard the loud sound of the French bombing her house. She grabbed her shiv. Sharpening it, she stuck hardened clay in her ears to drown out the noise. She ran the shiv across her bedroom wall before walking outside and plunging it into the limbs of French soldiers who were bombing the house with their cannons.

Scarlett grabbed a cannon and fired it at the group of soldiers. She lit the fuse and the cannonball shot out in a poof of gun powder. Scarlett coughed and gagged. She eventually bent over and puked.

“Haaa!” she yelled as she choked on and regurgitated the gun powder from her lungs, “Hip, hip, gaaaa!”

Finally, she stopped puking. She was taken to a hospital. Nurses gave her medical attention.

“Another wounded soldier I see,” said the nurse, “You must’ve started young. How old are you?”

“I’m nearly seventeen.”

The nurse found many infected scratches and gashes that she had accidentally gotten from her blade. The nurse treated them and cleaned them with cloths and antibiotics.

Scarlett was free to fight again. She fought with the other soldiers on her side of the war.

Finally, she drew her sword and slashed the president’s suit.

Italy won thanks to Scarlett! Her parents were very proud.

The end.

Darkness. A horror story.


By The Z-Ster

This includes pictures by Mallika.

Clara had heard so many rumours. The rumours were all hard to hear. Her friends believed them, her dad believed them, her little brother, Toby, believed them and her older sister, Cindi, believed them. But Clara refused to be scared, even though the rumours crept in at night and made her cry. Clara was a brave girl, but when it came to wives tales and rumours, she couldn’t understand and she would cry and cry and hide every night and nobody would understand why or even know what she was facing. She was so scared deep down that she would wake up at night and dash across her bedroom floor to lock the front door. She would hide in her closet with her stuffed cat and wait for the whispers to stop. Some nights she would suffer in silence as the world slipped away into fear, but other nights, she would yell and scream to her parents.

One day, Clara dreaded going to school, especially since there were so many mirrors in the classroom. She hid behind the couch trying to find her courage, but all she could hear were the rumours and whispers and all she could see was a never-ending darkness in her mind. Her eyes were squeezed shut and she didn’t want to open them. Cindi’s calming voice suddenly broke out and silenced the nagging voices simultaneously.

“What’s wrong, Dust Bunny?” said Cindi, bending over to see Clara. Clara loved that pet name, Dust Bunny.

“Cindi,”said Clara, feeling almost normal, her voice started to break as a tear trickled down her pale cheek, half of her fears were melting, the others were daunting her still, “I feel unprepared. My very existence may be a lie, Cindi! As my very understanding sister, I trust that you will be the best person to confide this to. I feel like all those rumours are true, the folktales, the wives tales and the world being a game, and I cannot borne it! I try to shake the feeling, but I find myself lying awake, questioning everything, arguing with voices in my head, Cindi! I believe in Pennywise the Clown from that movie we watched last week, I believe in that scary story about the girl in the mirror named Mary and I really can’t live like this!! I cry only because…because….well because I’m just a scared little girl! Yes, Cindi, please help me be brave for real, not just bragging and boasting and joking when I’m crying and dying inside with the knowledge that I could be fake and I could die if I chant “Bloody Mary” three times! I want my memory to be lost, dearest Cindi! How do you do it? How?! CINDI! I can’t live my life with every waking second daunted by my own thoughts and the voices that tell me to try things! No matter how badly I want to forget and break through, they keep talking and whispering to me like there’s a million oracles that only I need to know, Cindi!” She burst into tears. She still held onto the hope that Cindi could help her.

“Dust Bunny,” said Cindi, “Poor thing. I didn’t realise they got to you. Of all people. Dust Bunny, if you just don’t go to school today, we’ll help you out. Just tell mum and dad about it and they’ll explain.” Clara didn’t know if she could trust her family. What if she chose not to trust them and it was just the voice’s idea, not hers? What if she wasn’t thinking straight and said no and then when she is in a mental hospital somewhere, she asks herself why she didn’t take the opportunity to get help from her family and end the troubles so she didn’t end up in a mental hospital, but that slight bad choice led her straight to a mental hospital? So many possibilities of making perilous choices. It was a simple yes or no, but Clara couldn’t even trust herself to lead her to the right future.

Yes could lead me into a dangerous realisation that my parent’s are lying frauds, she thought, but no could mean ending up in a mental hospital because I didn’t get help sooner. She needed to clear her head ASAP! She got out her notebook and began to draw. She drew her worries away, but it took a while to get rid of them all. She drew to relax. Drawing and writing were her therapists. When she was in doubt, she turned to her pens and notebooks to write or draw to repress or enhance her feelings depending on her emotion. She kept a diary where she wrote about if she was feeling fear, if she was feeling joy, if she was feeling sorrow or if she was feeling all kinds of complicated things that are always misunderstood.

“Diary,” Clara wrote in her diary, “I might be able to get help, but I need to come to terms with myself. I can’t let the voices decide for me. I can’t let them fool me. This pen with be my voice and whatever conclusion is written by it will be my own, as my writing and drawing cannot be corrupted by evil thoughts. My art is my place where no decisions are hard and I can trust the pen and the pencil to never betray me. They are my friends, my voices who allow me to do the things I enjoy. Visions of goddesses, please come to me as I write in my diary the answer that will lead me in the right direction.” Clara stop writing. The voice began to speak.

“Clarabell,” it said, “Say no. Reject her! Would I lie to you? I am giving you the answer. God has spoken!” The voice stopped. Clara let the voice fool her. She thought that God had told her to reject her sister’s offer. But her pen could not lie to her and she wrote, “I have decided to trust my sister.” After reading what she had written in her diary, she realised that she was going to be fooled if it weren’t for the pen, her friend, being ever so loyal to her, she would descend into insanity.

The voice took over. It yelled at her, “You are disobeying the words of Satin, child! That pen will only be your friend for so long, Clarabell Delifica!” Clara screamed. Cindi ran to her.

“Help me! It’s Satin!” she shrieked, “Cindi, go tell mum! Aaah! CINDI! TOBY! RUSSLE! HELP!” Her parents and her two brothers rushed to her as the voice spoke to her as she lay, yelling, “No!” on the carpet.

“Holy water, Russle !” yelled her mum, standing over her.

“Mum, dad! The devil is in my head. What do I do?” Clara screamed, panicking, “He’s telling me to obey him. No, Satin, no! I won’t! Mum! Tell me what to say to him! He says he’s going to live in me, ruin my life and eventually kill me after listening to everything everyone says.”

“Russle,” said Eveline, Clara’s younger sister, who heard the whole commotion from her room and was panicking too. She asked her dad to call an exorcist. He frantically pressed the numbers on his phone to call the exorcist from his church.

“My daughter is being spoken to by the devil. He’s threatening her and we can’t hear him, but we all know he’s there. She’s screaming and saying no to his deals,” he told the exorcist. The exorcist told them to feed her holy water and pray in a circle around her, each reciting a repelling verse from a book about ghosts and communications from the devil. Fortunately, their family had many prayer book and books on the devil.

“Here. Take holy water,” said her dad, feeding her a cold bottle of holy water straight from the fridge. He stopped holding the bottle to her mouth, but she grabbed it and started gulping it down. The others started praying and chanting.

“It’s working. I can hear the voice getting softer,” she told them, squeezing the bottle and violently sucking the holy water out, “Just a little more… and I will… be fine…!” She started feeling better. The devil was being driven away by the holy water and it couldn’t control her and her emotions anymore. It couldn’t make her stay awake at night, afraid of the rumours. It was being pulled away from her sweating body that was twisting and turning as her, once corrupted, mind was filled with fears and worries.

The next day, Clara wrote in her diary, “Yesterday, I trusted my parents as I said. I almost got tricked, but my pen was loyal to me. This pen was my only gift for Christmas last year, my grandma’s fancy fountain pen with strawberry red ink. I think I’m cured of my fears of those rumours, Diary. I was lying on the floor, drinking holy water, scared, crying and screaming.” She thought for a while and continued writing, “And I was very relieved to hear the voice fade. Afterwards I had a nice, cleansing shower.”

She dropped her pen under her desk. She reached to get it. Ink spilled on the carpet. A wave of fear came over her. She was suddenly face-to-face with a living darkness like a shadow that moves independently.

Clara reached out her hand. The shadow dragged her across the river of her fears. The rumours were everywhere, unfolding and coming to life. Then Clara saw a familiar cat. It wasn’t a black cat like in the superstitions she believed. It was a snowy white cat. It watched as the shadows grim face turned to Clara. Clara was shocked.

“I knew I would be back for you, Clarabell Delifica,” said the shadow, “I am Satin and the shadows are my vessels of communication. When you see them towering over you at night, Clara, I was trying to get a closer look. The shadows whisper to you as I do. They whisper to each member of the Delifica clan, but I possessed you! I chose to posses this scrawny member as I could enhance her fear, and when the time was right I could fool her into thinking I’m helping her calm it.” Clara was scared beyond her wildest nightmares.

Suddenly, the cat curled up at Clara’s feet as she was being dragged across the ground. She looked down and realised that the cat was her beloved pet, Stella.

“Wake up,” she heard her mum’s voice yell.

“Why isn’t Stella waking her up?” asked Eveline.

How do I wake up? she wondered, aren’t I already awake?

She felt Stella biting her foot. Toby hit her over the head with her diary. Her mum poured holy water into her mouth. Her dad hurled Eveline at her. Cindi held her hand and recited verses from her book on possession and the devil, as Russle just panicked.

The devil took her deeper into the shadows. She almost cried, but somehow, the tears simply didn’t come. Was she being controlled by the devil and what was going to become of her if he succeeded? It wasn’t going to be long before her questions were answers.

“What? Aaaaaaaaah!”

Miracle is sick

Miracle is kinda sick. Yesterday he vomited and was very drowsy and tired. I took some notes in my veterinarian notebook. We cleaned his litter box from the vomit, but he then vomited on the floor. He almost vomited on the carpet, but we gave him a towel before he vomited there. We put Miracle into his little house with the vomit towel and I sat there to watch him for a while. I noticed that he was quiet and barely opened his mouth at all.

At 1:00, we took Miracle to the vet and the nice doctor asked me for the symptoms. I read the list of symptoms from my notebook. The vet asked whether he had eaten any plastic or whether we had changed his kibble in the last few days, but he didn’t eat any plastic and we’ve been giving him the same food since he first came home from the hospital. She asked whether it could be alcohol poisoning or something, but all my dad’s wines are closed so Miracle can’t drink them and the drawer with the chemicals for the spa is closed and far from reach. She told us that Miracle was tense and in pain. That made me sad. She suggested that we leave him with her and he can have some scans, blood tests and X-rays. We left the vet.

At 2-ish, my mum went to get Miracle. Miracle had been transferred over to the hospital wing. The nurse told mum that Miracle may have a intestine infection. They thought they saw too much faeces in his intestine so they wanted to keep him overnight. They put him on a drip. They had already done some blood tests and shaved a small patch of hair on his neck to inject a syringe.

At night, Miracle sent us a message from the doctor’s phone. It read, “Hi, family! I’m eating some chicken and the doctor reassured me that she’s gonna call you soon. From Miracle.” He texted us just like that when we first got him, when he was at the hospital.

In the morning, I asked my mum what the doctor said when she ended up calling her. Mum said that Miracle was stable and the doctors said that they completed the scans and X-rays and they couldn’t find a reason to operate.

Now Miracle is in his little house, eating a little bit of kibble, resting in his bed and relaxing. He’s not allowed out of his house now because he might vomit again. I wish him a speedy recovery! And hope you do to!

The Perth Zoo

I love animals and I am a vegetarian, a junior veterinarian and a wannabe zoologist. I live and breathe and sleep animals all day. I love lions, horses and beautiful black swans. I’ve done projects on lions and horses and I had to study for my lion project at the amazing Perth Zoo!

Perth Zoo has a breeding program for endangered Australian animals. The ones that really caught my eye were numbats and bobtail lizards. The scales on the bobtail lizard, Elwood, were kinda sharp and prickly. I’ve seen bobtail lizards in the wild before my visit to the zoo.

In the night, I saw a beautiful baby rhino. He was bigger than his dad! I held onto the bar and looked at the rhino. It moved very slowly. It was so unreal, so magical! The silver glow of a torch-light flowed into the enclosure, making his horn flash and shine.

As I slowly went through the zoo at night, I could hear the quietest sound of a lemur calling and a tree frog croaking. The shallow pool I walked past was lined with moss and algae.

In the morning, I went back again to see the baboons. At night they were asleep on a rock. In the daylight, it seemed that the rock wasn’t even there and all I could see was the, once pitch black, habitat behind the rock. I studied the baboons long and hard. I sketched one.

I saw the baby rhino after the baboons. I sketched the rhino with a lot of very detailed features. I sketched it while I was looking at it for a really long time.

After lunch, I did two hours on my lion project. I looked at the female lions and watched them and sketched them. I sat on the bench, recording facts and sketching them in my sketch pad.


I collected these facts when I was researching about lions at the zoo and put in my project.

  • A lion’s roar can be heard from five miles away
  • Lions are in the Big Cat family which means they are related to tigers and your regular pet cat.
  • Lions live in caves
  • Lions aren’t found in Australia, but they can be found in zoos.
  • Lionesses go out to hunt, not the male lions.
  • The male lions eat first, then the females and lastly the cub.

I visited a few more animals with my friend. Then, we went to the nocturnal house and I saw some squirrel monkeys and completely fell in love with them. When we came out of the nocturnal house, I saw the squirrel monkeys again. I watched them and I grew more intrigued with every passing second of looking at them.

My love for squirrel monkeys will never be repressed!

We saw the sun-bears next. They stayed behind the glass, waltzing up and down. They were so sad and lonely and I know why. As I said in a previous post, the sun-bear of Perth Zoo was going to be poached, but he was brought to the enclosure just in time.

I saw the red-eared turtles in their tank, peacefully swimming. I read the sign. It was sad. As I said before, red-eared turtles who are kept as pets usually get thrown into the ocean where they don’t belong and they have to eat endangered species’ to survive.

I sketched them too.

These turtles are commonly known as the red-eared slider, but they are red-eared turtles.

For a life-changing experience like this, visit your local zoo and feel free to sketch or draw the animals to cherish and remember your visit forever.

Australia 🇦🇺

G’day, mate! Australia is a beautiful country and if you are thinking about visiting here or moving here when COVID-19 pandemic is over or your studying this country for a project, here is everything you will need to know about the Land down Under!

Australian wildlife is plentiful and rich. It is one of the most amazing and iconic things about this hot, flourishing country. Most of Australia’s native animals are on the verge of extinction such as the numbat. In Australia, people love to go on bushwalks, long drives through the bush and camps in the wild where they can see the animals in their natural habitat. You should think about taking a trip to Taunton Farm or Margaret River to see kangaroos or black swans moving through the peaceful bush or floating on the surface of a clear, calm lake.

Some amazing tourist attractions in Australia are

  • Sydney Opera House (Sydney, Sydney, Sydney)
  • Perth Zoo (South Perth, Perth Metro)
  • Discover Deadly: Reptile Museum (Carbunup, Margaret River, Geograph)
  • Margaret River Chocolate Factory (Metrica, Margaret River, Geograph)
  • Taunton Farm (Cowaramup, Margaret River, Geograph)
  • Boshack Outback (Wattening, Doodyay, Perth)
  • JinJin Gravity Museum (Yeal, JinJin, Perth Metro)
  • Middleton Beach (Middleton Beach, Albany, Great Southern)
  • Yahava Koffee Works (West Swan, Swan Valley, Perth)
  • House of Honey (Hern Hill, Swan Valley, Perth)
  • Cottage Tea Rooms (Henlybrook, Swan Valley, Perth)

Discover Deadly is a museum of reptiles and small insects. It is a wonderful way to watch and observes small creatures without having to run away or spray insect repellent. It is a great place for people to tell tourists about animals that are often overlooked and feared. I can save you the trouble of looking up their website or finding a flier by telling you the address: 10 Wildwood RD, Carbunup River. Perth Zoo, an amazing zoo that I mentioned in previous posts, is a place to learn about animals that don’t live in your country which is generally how zoos work. If you’re a tourist who isn’t familiar with Australian animals, this is a great way to learn and gain facts and information about Australian spiders, lizards and mammals including nocturnal rodents such as numbats, cold-blooded creatures such as the bobtail lizard and of course, an amazing mammal such as the wombats.

You may have tarantulas where you live, but in Australia there are special Australian tarantula . You can find an Australian Tarantula enclosure in the nocturnal house of Perth Zoo and if you keep your eyes peeled you can find one in the Australian bush. All tarantulas are big and usually unmoving for long periods of time. You could actually find a tarantula creeping up your wall or wriggling under your bed. They are not different from huntsman spiders which you are more likely to find in your house. Though huntsmen are big and hairy, they won’t hurt you or even bite you even though they may leap onto your face. You have no need to fear all spiders. As TheOdd1sOut stated, “Not all spiders are scary. They may have many eyes, but most of them are blind and if they jump onto your head, they are only trying to find their way. Most spiders who live in caves never get to see anything, not even their prey, so next time you look at the sun, remember that somewhere there is a spider who can only see darkness and nothingness.” With that fresh in your minds, I advice you to find the courage to help a spider find its way out of the darkness. In Australia, the best place to learn how to do that is Perth Zoo where you can see a cave spider and maybe touch it from the safety of a guide-protected space. So next time think before spraying or smashing a spider, it may lead a more significant life, more serious and filled with emotion, woe and matters to tend to, than your own.

The Margaret River Chocolate Factory is a ice-cream, candy and chocolate shop. It is responsible for the production of many kinds of chocolate. You can buy sprinkle-covered balls of dark chocolate there along with scrumptious chocolate rabbits and caramel-covered nuts. You can sit down with a chocolate ice-cream and nice chocolate treats at the cafe and talk with your friends as you eat the supreme desserts. Your visit will be a treasured affair!

Much like Margaret River Chocolate Factory, Yahava is a delicious place to visit. If you love coffee, you will enjoy your visit to Yahava because you can get any type of coffee you like. You will especially like Yahava if you prefer drinking a certain brand, flavour or specially prepared version of coffee, because Yahava has it all and if you decide to get a membership, you can get coffee and coffee beans if you go down to Yahava and you can try any kind of coffee while you’re there! Yahava has a cafe section where you can order any kind of food or drink including ice coffee or ice-cream. This amazing place is in Swan Valley. Yahava would be a great spot to watch the sun set, the colourful sky reflecting in the lake outside in the garden, if it didn’t close.

Do you like bees? If you do, you will love the House of Honey. You can sip on thin and thick mead while your kids rollick and play in the main section where they can sample different kinds of fresh honey for free and watch the bees who made that honey from the other side of the glass. If you decide to taste honey instead of mead, you can see the bees yourself and ask someone who works there some questions about the bees. Sometimes you can see a chicken strutting outside the House of Honey, in the beautiful garden with a water feature and a grass hedge all around. If you speak a different language, people can speak to you in other languages. Just read the board at the front and it will tell you what languages they speak, but unfortunately it is usually just English. Speaking of bees, if you just ask someone there, they will say that if you want to stop more bees from dying, you must plant a lot of flowers to help them feed their Queen Bee and make the honey that everyone loves.

Taunton Farm, Boshack Outback and Middleton Beach are amazing spots for camps and trips. Middleton Beach is in Albany where numbats can be found! Albany is a great holiday location and if you have a cabin near Middleton Beach you can swim every morning when the sun is blazing hot! At Taunton Farm, you can hear the animals waking up as you open your eyes in your bed or sleeping bag. Taunton Farm has room for caravans and tents, and they have holiday houses that you could stay in. Boshack Outback is a camping ground set on the amazing Australian outback and you can stay there and sleep in a tent, wake up whenever you please and eat your breakfast. You can see so many animals, plants and trees that are native to Australia. It is a perfect way to immerse yourself in knowledge of Australian wildlife and having seen and understood these animals will most definitely make your visit worthwhile.

Hope you enjoy being one with the Aussies!

The lazy giant and the girl: A timeless, funny tale for people aged 5-100

Once, there lived a girl from a poor family. She didn’t have money to buy her dresses from the mall. Her mum worked as a cockroach inspector for a small payment, but the girl had no trade.

One evening, when the desperate girl was extremely hungry and woeful, she set off to look for a man or woman in need of a companion in labour. She searched, but all she could find was a lazy giant. The giant was just lying around without a care, growing mould on his feet, already covered in carbuncle and gout!

“Excuse me, sire!” said the girl, looking up at the giant’s wart-covered face, “Shall I wash your feet?”

“My teeth are in need of cleaning,” moaned the giant.

“Goodie! What have you eaten for supper?” retorted the girl, growing more joyful by the hour.

“Chicken and a few slabs o’ bread,” said the giant, “As I was saying, could you please clean my teeth with water and the ol’ horse-hair toothbrush, lassie.”

But the girl cleaned his stained teeth by eating the plaque! She ate little, cooked chunks of chicken that she could only vaguely remember tasting when her parents were rich a few years ago. To her, she was being payed for dining upon a buffet. Once she finished eating every bit of bread and meat as far as the eye could gaze upon, the giant’s gigantic teeth were clean.

“Lass, pass me a mirror.”

The girl handed him her tiny mirror.

“Splendid, lass,” he rejoiced, “Come back tomorrow, if you can make my teeth shine, I’m sure to pay you hundreds of dollars each day.”

The girl was payed. She ran to her mum and showed her the profit.

“I earned this much money today,” said her mum, handing the girl a million dollars. In a flash, the girl was gone, and when she returned she had a lovely, deep purple blouse and a fancy, wooly skirt from H&M. She had spend her mum’s a million dollars.

“Lucy, you’re grounded!” yelled her mum, “That was my money for my wines! No supper tonight and definitely no tooth-cleaning tomorrow. I will spend the money until the day after tomorrow because you certainly don’t know how to spend money, missy-moo!” Lucy/the girl was very sad.

“Mum…” Lucy was interrupted. “No more Mum. I’m the Queen of this house now and you call me by my proper title pronto!” Lucy’s mum sent her to her room.

“Call me “Mum” when you’re ready to, in one day from now!” said her mum, slamming the bedroom door, leaving Lucy all alone.

The day that she was meant to be alone went by quickly, each hour felt like a minute, each minute felt like a mere second and each second felt like a millisecond. Eventually, Lucy’s mum opened the door and said, “Out you come! Rise and shine, Princess!”

“Yes! Long live the Queen of queens!” said Lucy, springing out of bed in her nightgown.

“Oh, Queen! Please give us some money so Lucy can buy some better-looking garments for her moth-filled closet,” said Lucy’s mum, bowing down, facing the empty hallway.

“You are the Queen!” said Lucy, searching her closet, “And my garments are designer! I did go to H&M to pay for an outfit with one million dollars if you didn’t already forget why I was grounded for a day and a half.”

When evening came, Lucy stepped out into the cold, harsh street where people bargained and argued, fighting for the slightest bit of food to eat. She noticed that the giant now had a lot of un-chewed meat and fruits in his colossal mouth.

“Goodie! I shall have a feast tonight and return to my mother with my massive wager,” said Lucy, crawling into the giant’s titanic mouth.

“Hope ya like beef,” mumbled the giant as Lucy squirmed, up to her neck in turkey and ham and beef.

“My hair is all sloppy,” complained Lucy, trudging through the sludge to the back of the giant’s mouth so she could eat without taking a messy bath! “How much do you think you’ll need to pay me when I’m done, huh?”

“Fifty gold pieces and a nice, non-spit-covered loaf of fresh bread for your family, and of coarse, you cannot take anything else or you’re fired,” said the giant.

When Lucy was done, she was all mucky! Her dress was completely covered in fruit juice stains and there was a piece of ham in her hair!

“I shall be ever so cold tonight if mummy insists on spraying my dress with the hose. Shall I eat my fair share of the bread and steal this giant’s tunic while he’s fast asleep? It would make a fine blanket,” wondered young Lucy. She decided to eat the delicious bread and go home to her mother to give the rest of the bread to her.

“Lucy, you’ve worked so hard!” rejoiced Lucy’s proud mother, “Thank you for the bread and the gold pieces. As you got mucky at work today, I must spray you with the hose and you will go to bed soaking wet.”

“What if I was to buy a blanket?” asked Lucy, “It will keep me warm tonight.”

Lucy’s mother sent her off with sixteen gold pieces.

“Ha! Mother, I will not be needing this money as I will steal a giant’s tunic,” she laughed to herself as she left. She pulled the tunic off the giant and off she went. She left the money by his side so he could afford another tooth-cleaner after he fired her.

She slept soundly that night. Her mother was out working at a cockroach-infested house and her dad was still on a nose-picking trip as picking noses was his profession!

The next evening, she was fired. She could no longer eat from a giant’s mouth.

“I do have an extra few gold pieces,” said the giant, “I will get a more formidable tooth-cleaner tomorrow, but I hope your family can thrive with whatever job you get next and if you don’t get another job, I hope you can rely on your parents.”

Lucy set off.

She found a fisherman.

“Looking for a job?” asked the fisherman.

“I was just fired,” she mentioned.

“Can you catch a fish?” he asked.

“If I am hungry for fish, which is most of the time, I can catch a fish,” she told him.

“How old are you?”

“Eight and a half.”

“Can you cook a fish, girl?”

“I can cook a fish after I have caught a fish. I’ve cooked fish when I was younger.”

“Good. Can you sell a fish?”


“Your parents taught you well, child, but can you NOT cook a fish?”

“I can cook. My mother says if I am going to be a good wife I have to cook and clean.”

“Exactly. Women are meant to cook and clean, not go out and catch fish and make money. Go back and clean and get a husband or something. GO!”

So Lucy went to search for a cook or a fisherman who would accept her.

Zoos and animals

Animals are going extinct at extreme rates. Animals like the amazing red-eared turtle are forgotten about and put into the ocean, but the ocean is NOT their habitat so whenever they are put into the ocean where they don’t belong at all, they eat other animals and they are endangered too. The red-eared turtles are very rare in most countries and states. They can only be viewed up close in zoos and aquariums that breed them and leave them in their proper environment. So if you get a red-eared turtle as a pet, please take good care of it and don’t put it in the ocean!

Australian wildlife such as the numbats are critically endangered and zoos are trying to breed them and help the female and male numbats to make offsprings together. Zoos are opening peoples eyes to the killing of animals and why these animals are at a zoo for people to see.

Think about it:Everyone loves a selfie, especially one with a cool animal such as a lion cub. But where does the cub come from and where will it end up once it is fully grown? Say no to photos to avoid poaching and hunting.


These couple of paragraphs will be dedicated to the African panthera Leo, more commonly known as the lion, belonging to the feline family.

Not unlike most mammals, lions are chordates, meaning they have a backbone. They are high on the food chain and they eat all kinds of meat. They have sharp canine teeth to chew their food especially if they have a tough piece of human!

White lion cub

Lions are Big Cats or Ocelots so they are the bigger, more carnivorous versions of pet cats. Pet cats are like lions because if you make them hunt for their meat, they would easily scavenge for it.

Scientific Classification

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Mammals

Order: Carnivora

Suborder: Feliformia

Family: Felidae

Subfamily: Pantherinae

Genus: Panthera

Species: P. Leo


Sun-bears are common victims of poaching. Before the sun-bear of Perth zoo was brought to a safe enclosure, he was harshly tortured and chained to a wooden board to be poached. Now he paces in his enclosure, mentally scarred. He lives alongside a fellow sun-bear.

The sun-bears are rare and little- known, much like axelotles.

They are cute, brown and sweet, but they are being killed off and poached. By simply knowing the existence of this creature, you have the ability to spread the word and put a stop to the poaching. Please save these precious things.

Perth Zoo sun-bear

No more poaching!!! No more killing!!! This is a protest!!!


The poor giraffes are going extinct. These beautiful, long-necked creatures of Africa can’t survive on their own in the wild. These ,too, are at Perth Zoo. Perth is in Australia if you’re wondering where Perth Zoo is.

If you visit your closest zoo, you’re sure to find a lot of interesting information on giraffes.

Perth Zoo Giraffe

Bolivian Squirrel monkeys

These monkeys are so tiny and cute, but they only live in Bolivia and zoos around the world. These monkeys are very sleepy fellows and if you see them at a zoo, you’ll understand why I say that! These, like most monkeys, love to climb. They are very rare since they only live in Bolivia.

If you are not gifted with the privileges of viewing these extraordinary monkeys, here is a picture of the ones in Perth Zoo.

An interesting fact about these particular squirrel monkeys is that they are very social and twitter at their friends and group-members to communicate with them. They are more talkative and friendly than the common squirrel monkeys. They are also very hungry creatures whose stomachs are bottomless, and they are constantly grabbing food and using their little hands to pick up water bottles to drink from. Unfortunately, the squirrel monkeys have to drink from a bottle with a thick, plastic straw so they can suck the water through the straw without having to unscrew a cap or something to pour the water into their mouth.

If you live in Bolivia, look out for these little chatter boxes!

It doesn’t matter where you live, you might have a whole variety of different animals you can only see in your country’s bush. #Findyourwildlife

Type the hashtag #Findyourwildlife in the comments or on your own blog post to share your experience with an animal on your bushwalk or camp!

Lastly, I would like to thank zookeepers for looking after endangered creatures and opening people’s eyes, and enriching these animals by feeding them, making them hunt for food and letting them smell whatever they please. I’d especially like to thank my two favourite people who work at Perth Zoo, Joan and Judy.


I know quite a few cats.

My auntie’s cat, Tango.
My kitten, Miracle, curled up on a pink rug.

There are others.

To describe a cat’s cuteness, they have beautiful, thick, coloured fur. They can curl up in your lap and purr soothingly until they fall asleep. They are loyal and follow you everywhere, if you wave your hand over its beautiful face, it will bite it, kiss it or follow it with its milky-coloured eyes. Their call will melt your heart as it is so deep, pitiful and musical. They will encourage you to play.

Farewell, fellow cat lovers, until next time.

I hope these gifs and memes make you smile.

Pure cuteness

I have drawn lots of cute animals in my journal. There are dogs, puppies, kittens and cats! Soo cute! Here are a few.

This is Miracle

Here are the more new, creative ones.

This is a dog. He is hungry, but where is his food?!
Cat with beard
Cheeky cat
A picture of my cute doll, Jimmy.
This is Jimmy’s twin, Lisa.
This is Lisa…
…and this is Jimmy!

They are adorable! They are cheeky little babies. They are the siblings of Vienna and Gemma so they are born with the cuteness jean.

Jimmy & Lisa

Their eyes are shiny and their heads are smooth. Chubby little arms! Babies are so cute! They are little people.

Miracle is ready to be free

Miracle would like to type something: like a h6gtfrxdvhvdd.

He did that with his paws.

I love him.

D. He wrote ‘D’ too. A. He also wrote ‘A’.

I like Miracle liking me. I write about him everywhere, all the time!

My nickname for him is Mimical. Don’t know why, but it sounds nice. Miracle also jumps on me a lot. He has written ‘also jumps’ like this: All is to. He will get better at typing soon.

Miracle says, “Bye til next time I appear.”

My grandpa’s 76th birthday

My Earth grandpa, on my Earth mum’s side, is a very sweet, cheerful man. Despite his age, he is quite active, he likes to wrestle and is great at golf. He is committed to golf and even though he has a bad knee, he goes to the golf course very frequently. He has many pictures of himself playing golf. Golf is one of his passions.

Other than playing golf, he likes to watch golf being played on television. He is a big fan of Tiger Woods and is very intelligent with knowledge about him and his history playing golf.

I call him Seeyah as it means ‘Grandpa’ in Sinhalese.

He has lost some of his back teeth. It shows when he smiles. I like his smile, it is cheeky and playful.

Even as he turns 76, he still loves to dance to his baila records. He lives a pretty retro life ( like most people his age!) , his car is old, his phone is old and he uses a CD player to listen to music. I think his lifestyle is pretty cool!

At his 76th birthday party, I saw that my Earth mum had lots of CDs when she was young. I looked through them and took and kept my favourites, Beyoncé, Destiny’s Child and Eminem. Grandpa played one of my Beyoncé CDs on his CD player.

Because my grandpa is very special, I didn’t write a card, I wrote a story and he was the main character. I wrote about a secret agency, a mission, an attack of evil aliens and zombies. He stuck it on a cupboard.

My grandpa has a big trophy case. The trophies in his trophy case are all different, some were for golf, some were for swimming, some for martial arts and some for running. One looked like a little clock in a ball!

Another thing that grandpa is good at: Carom. He and my brother play every time we visit. Carom is a game where each person has a little disc (or bottle cap) and try and shoot it, using one shot, through the other’s hole (in the Carom board). It is fun, but I can’t play angles so I don’t play.

Grandpa didn’t have very good handwriting until I helped him out. Now he can write along-side me.

This is a picture of my very handsome grandpa:

My grandpa always wears suspenders and he looks great in red and black. That’s coming from a fashion/ colour expert. He also always wears socks with his slippers because his floor is a tiled one.

Grandpa loves to garden with Earth Grandma. Here is a picture of them:

On a bus

Unfortunately, he has diabetes. He has a sweet tooth though so I help him watch his diet. He likes eating salted nuts – peanuts and almonds.

“Age is of no importance unless you are a cheese.”


I love my grandpa/Seeyah!

Mestian cures and illnesses

For a illness called Telmore, get a jar of pink powder called Kilm Antidote. Just add pink water and the powder will creat smoke that will clear your system and pop the dirty bubbles surrounding your important organs and contaminating them. This will cause great relief.

For a lack of mouth-plate liquid, take out your mouth-plate, wash it and let it dry out for exactly four days. After four days, get a red pill of any flavour and put your mouth-plate back. Consume the pill in any way necessary, grounded up in liquid, swallowed hole without anything or just chewed up and swallowed. Take the medication two times per day for a inin (year) and you’ll be cured soon.

These are the two most important cures.

“I’m not a boy, I am not disabled, I’m a girl!”

Coy Mathis
School student

Girls have power

Brenda Chapman loved drawing. She wanted to draw in her career so she decided to call Disney. She created all kinds of movies there. She made ones about rebel, gutsy, brave women. Ones who showed men who the boss is!

Hatshepsut is one of my favourite powerful women, but she had to pretend to be a man to prove her worth as a pharaoh! Why would a man be more worthy than a woman?! Even if this man was a stranger.

There are 200 famous women who showed the world that women are tough. There are even more famous women making their mark on the world today. Like Greta Thunberg, Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish and of course, me! We will get our way to the top to prove women are powerful!

There was another tough, resilient, beautiful girl. Her name was Alek, last name, Wek. She lived a simple life, but she was tough and was happy with her life. But it was a waring country so she had to flee. She was extremely brave, even though there were floods everywhere and she couldn’t swim, and it was hard for her. They got food on the way to London and they got there without a doubt.

In London, an agent pestered her mother. Her mother said she was way to young to model, but the agent would NOT take “no” for an answer. So she was the most famous model. Even though she was a model, she was very brave and strong, not just pretty!

There is another awesome girl. Her name was Ashley, Ashley Fiolek. She was deaf, but she wanted to be a biker. She was great at biking and won several awards. She was strong enough to survive lots of injuries.

Ashley Fiolek. Drawn by me.

There was a young, rebellious girl who, even during war, was positive and bubbly. Her name was Anne.

She had to go and hide from the Natzis when she was very young. She hid with her family, The Franks and another family, The Van Dans.

Anne is known for her book which she wrote during World War 2. She was found where she was hiding when she was 15. She died shortly after her older sister, Margot, pronounced, Mar – GO. They both died at a horrible camp where Germans sent all Jews to work.

Anne had a great personality up until her death. Even before she died, she was very sweet.

There are many fictional girls who did larger-than-life things, spies, princesses, warriors and even children with extraordinary gifts.

Back to real girls, this story about a very strong woman called Mary Kom will show that not only men can be boxers.

Mary was poor so she didn’t have money. She became a very successful boxer and took out many of her components. Her punches were lethal, unlike any man’s. She had an amazing aim, she never missed her punch’s goal. She had the most inspirational quote:

“I’m a boxer, not a dancer, not a model, not a seamstress. Not only men can be boxers.”

Mary Kom

Many girls overcame tyrants who enslaved their friends who couldn’t see that they could defeat the tyrant instead of relying upon men!

Many girls were gutsy enough to do what girls where told they were unable to do. Like flying planes, ruling, inventing and sailing.

Women say things that are wise and prove that women are powerful. Here are some:

“I love school. The uniforms make me feel free.”

Balkissa Chaibou

“I love being a conductor. It’s like a leader of music.”

Zhang Xian
Orchestra Conductor

“I like being strong. Being a girl doesn’t mean you can’t be as strong as a boy, or even stronger!”

Anna Al Haddad

“Trees are everything. Oxygen, beauty and a reminder of nature.”

Wangari Maathai

“Always be yourself, even if it is being different.”

Michaela Deprince

“I will not be triumphed over.”


“I earned my right to be a girl!”

Coy Mathis
Trance-gender girl

“I will never fall in love, I will keep racing.”

Lella Lombardi
Formula One Racer

“You are pretty. It’s okay to be anxious. You don’t have to fit in.”

Alek Wek

“Women in uniform also guaranteed their freedom.”

Mary Walker

“I am queen of the sea.”

Grace O’ Malley

“In my country a good girl should be silent. But I want to share my raps to the world.”

Sonita Alizadeh

“I’m a young woman, and you can’t scare me.”

Policarpa Salavarrieta

“I am Mama Africa.”

Miriam Makeba
Singer and band member

“I am an independent woman! You can’t enslave me.”

Minerva Mirabal, of the Mirabal Sisters

“Give peace a chance!”

Yoko Ono

“Daughters can be heroic too.”

Zhenyi Wang

“I am a walking, talking work of art.”

Maud Wagner
Tattoo artist

“Women must try what men have failed at. If they fail, their failure must be a challenge to others.”

Amelia Earhart

“We cannot die at sea. We are swimmers.”

Yustra Mardini

“I am la Senorita Matilde Montoya.”

Matilde Montoya
First ever female doctor

“Girls can be rockers too.”

Joan Jett
Punk rocker and band member

“That brain of mine is something more than merely mortal, as time will show.”

Ada Lovelace
Inventor of the computer

Most girls on Mest have achieved great feats and fought in and won huge wars. Men in the hall of fame are very numbered. I am in that hall of fame though!

Gemma the star

Gemma is soon going to star in a movie and she and I decided to give her a new signature hairstyle from now, til’ the movie is filmed, til’ forever! Because her hairstyle is trendy and will never go out of fashion! Because she is a Z-ster Inc. model and so is her little sister, Vienna.

Look at that winning smile!
A high ponytail with massive volume.
Her hairstyle is very bold. Her outfit is so pretty and also bold.

A battle poem

Here is a poem about how I was in battle with a bug:

 I stood there in front of that giant beast and thought that afterwards I must have a feast. A feast of Mestian dishes I’ll dice, actually that would be quite nice! I ran up and sliced him from mouth to chin and I got some glory and fame to bathe in. 
The foe retreated from my sight after I struck him with all of my might. He survived, that much is true, but he is a bug, what am I to do?
I took my bravery, pride and fame as my friends on Earth had called my name.
Every day and every night, my longing for peace grows, but I have a past of war as most people know. The death and defeat of my enemies are all my accomplishments, but underneath the Earthen sun, I wish for a multiverse where people do not gain pride by fighting creatures, thin or wide.
You can gain respect from peers and we can live in unity, but violence and fighting is not the only key. The peace door is wide open and anyone can step inside and live the best life.

Thank you!

My dad’s 50th birthday.

50 years ago, my Earth dad was born.

In this picture, he’s a little baby with his grandfather. He had a big head.

My dad was born in England, but he moved to Scotland when he was a little boy.

For boarding school, he went to Hawaii in America. He hurt himself there, he still has scars.

He moved to Australia where he met my Earth mum. He married her in Singapore. His parents now live in France.

Happy 50th birthday to my loving dad!

A movie!

I am going to start producing a film starring Gemma, my barbie doll, with myself as her voice actress.

The movie will be called The days of Stephanie and will be released on my YouTube account as soon as I finish making it.

This film will be about a young girl, Stephanie, who has a normal life, but meets a young man, Josh, who turned her life upside down.

Rocket prop
My slug plays Josh

Harmony and peace on Mest and Earth.

On Mest, all beings live in unison. On Earth, hunters exist to hurt innocent creatures for humans.

Mest is a planet of intergalactic war, but it’s not what I have decided. I want to forge a paradise of harmony from this war-torn but beautiful planet.

Earth is not the only beautiful, dazzling planet in the multiverse. There are more lovely planets out there somewhere. Do not think rockets with aliens on them come to Earth for the pleasure of it, they have missions, or just come to salvage what is left of the earth before climate change consumes it.

This picture is to remind children to take care of and love their planet and animals.

On Mest, my people take in lost creatures and feed them nutritious space jelly. If my people are in need of shelter, an animal can let them into their nest or burrow or I can open my palace with many comfortable rooms to them. I feel that Earth needs to be the same.

Animals are people too.

I have recently become vegetarian. Here are the reasons:

Animals have lives too and some animals’ purpose of life is being eaten. If they die, they deserve a proper funeral like cats or dogs.

Think of it this way, you were shot and killed, but instead of having a funeral or even crying, people just ate your body. They didn’t even care!

I don’t get how people care about animals deeply, but still eat them. It makes no sense to me, caring about a creature, but still eating it without a second thought.

On my planet, Mest, all creatures live in harmony. All animals were pets and there is no food chain at all. I came to Earth and humans killed less civilised beings. I felt that it was harsh and cruel, but I still ate it, until I realised that all lives have value and they can’t be wasted on being prepared to be killed and eaten.

One of my favourite animals is the innocent, milk-producing cow. But people kill this innocent creature that gives us so much delicious dairy, and make shoes, bags, vests and jackets out of its skin. It is disturbing and sad.

Animals don’t even deserve to be killed and eaten. They really don’t! And just for human pleasure, when they could just eat fruits and vegetables. They don’t need meat if they can eat pasta and tofu and pastry.

Some cute, furry animals are made into warm winter coats. I hate that, if you want to make a coat, use cotton or wool. I once saw a black, furry coat and I turned it around and saw a cute, little nose! It was sad.

The maiden of the night.

The Maiden of the night

By The Z-Ster

One glorious morning, Tom Alex was at school with his friend, Kim Peterson. They’d been friends for only 10 months, but they were very good months.

Kim and Tom heard the crackle of exam papers as their teacher, Mrs Gooding, yelled, “Pop quiz, students!” Tom made a frustrated groan. He had been failing exams for years.

When the exam started, Kim confidently began taking the exam. Tom knew that Kim had perfect handwriting, a broad knowledge on grammar and physics and an ability to understand the most boring algebra classes.

After the exam, Mrs Gooding’s mind was blown when she saw Kim’s paper. She said, “Your handwriting and spelling has no mistakes in it. Your number work is brilliant, because you used the method that gets the quickest to the solution.”

That night, Tom heard humming. He searched the house for any pests who could be hiding there. He found, outside his window, a maiden with black, curly locks, her mouth was twisted into a beautiful but forced smile and her blue eyes glistened in the moonlight. She wore a dress of stars, her feet and hair floated above the ground as she was too beautiful, holy and pure to touch the earth.

The maiden’s beauty was like nothing Tom’s eyes had beheld ever in his 18 years of life. He rejoiced as his parents wanted him to marry a rich and beautiful maiden. If only he knew if she would want to marry him.

“This must be some kind of Goddess!” he thought, “The glow of her hair seems to be a form of enchantment.”

The next day, he asked his mother, “You said being married would do me good at this age. I met a beautiful maiden who will do well as my wife. Will you help me approach her?”

“Very well,” said Tom’s mother, “But if she does not wish to speak with you, leave her to do what she is doing without further interruption.”

As Tom’s mother promised, she waited outside the window until The maiden of the night appeared. Her eyes were filled with inner light. She hummed the same tune as before. This time, though, she wore a comb in her hair. The comb was shining brighter than the flame within the maiden’s lovely soul. She hummed a more sad tune now, as if her prized jewels had been taken from her, but she wouldn’t mind if she lost a golden heap or a silver crown or even a silk cape, she would worry about less petty things such as, if a beloved child had escaped and was lost to the busy town. She hummed about those more concerning things that troubled her.

“Maiden! Of what do you hum? If you meet my son, I will comfort you and hum with you,” said Tom’s mother. The maiden seemed to be silent, but she was whispering, “No, strange woman. My only wish is to touch the ground which my fellow Gods and Goddesses have forbade me from walking on.”

“If company is not what you desire, I will see to it that your desire is met,” said Tom’s mother. The maiden nodded and returned to the bushes.

The next day, at noon, the goddess came to Tom’s house. She wore a cloak to shield herself from the cold. Her glowing hair shone through the fabric. She was The Goddess Of Beauty.

The young goddess liked Tom. She knew that he had some enchantment of his own. She agreed to marry him. She quietly told Tom’s mother to visit the enchanter/enchantress of no name or gender about granting the wish.

When she got there, her wish was granted but with a price. It was that her magic had to be hidden from her husband. She also couldn’t fly to the heavens again.

“Can I still bring beauty to the world?”asked the goddess. Tom’s mother replied, “Yes, but in secret from Tom. He cannot know that you’re a goddess or a horrible, cursed fate you will meet.”

The wedding day came, The Goddess walked across the aisle and it ended in the alter where she met with Tom. She was wearing the gown of stars and where the seem met the skirt a little moon was embroidered with the thinnest of thread by The Goddess herself.

The wedding went well and all the beautiful maidens that Tom saw afterwards looked ugly through his eyes because he knew he had the most beautiful, most kind and most strong bride that he was searching for in his past, so there was no need to look at other maidens fondly apart from his daughter (if he has one that is!).

Many years passed, The Goddess, Ariana was her name, communicated with other gods and goddesses by talking to their friends, the birds. She told them how she was getting on with Tom and her new ability to walk on the land. She told them of ugly things and people she’d had to make sweet and beautiful. Hopefully, the news she told the birds had reached the heavens and the gods would hear from her through them.

One morning Tom asked, “Why do speak to the birds of our garden? You dance and prance with them until you run out of stories to tell and discussions to have. The next day you will still return and blabber on to those creatures! What is the reason for this?”

“Oh, Thomas!” laughed Ariana, “You have yet to learn why these are my friends. You have yet to learn why I know blabber on when I used to be silent as a mouse. You have yet to learn why I have these unique charms that no other maiden possesses. Until you do learn, please do not question!”

“I may have yet to learn them, but I am not as clueless as you think. I know that you have secrets that you will not share. I just wish you were truthful to me.”

“I thought I was a glorious, perfect, true and beautiful creature!” cried out Ariana, “I am perfectly truthful, I am constantly purifying and I have wits to survive!”

That evening, Ariana was at the market. She bought some apples and eggs to cook. She bought beautiful hair pins and a basket of garments to adorn herself with.

The garments made her pure again. She, again, saw a million maidens flying with her. Her truth was restored. She could only speak the truth to her husband, and this must have be the time that the enchanter/enchantress was going to let her tell Tom about her importance as a goddess.

She told Tom everything, her every testament, her every thought, everything she’d ever seen or done, everything that was hidden before.

The end

Mythical creatures that I’ve studied.

Warning: Some of these are scary, but it is very informative that they are written here.


Diet: Anything available.

Habitat: Large cities.

Frequency: Common to explorers.

Eradication: The only way of killing this creature is to put salt in your bed and clap three times.

Did you know? This creature is the tallest of the serpent type.

Danger level: 13.

Appearance: Tall with long hair, fangs, fish tail and wings that stretch very far.

Drawing by my Archie, Mallika

Lanem Russia.

Diet: Fresh meat.

Behaviour: Unknown.

Frequency: Extremely rare.

Did you know? This deadly creature is taller than 1000 giants put together and gets taller as it grows.

Danger lever: 100,000

Unicorn (Mest.)

Diet: Plants and grass.

Habitat: Forests.

Frequency: Rare for humans. Common for Mestians.

Did you know? A unicorn can only be seen by those who believe in them and can cast spells in war.

Danger level: 5.

Is Empellow AKA The Bone creature.

Diet: Bones.

Habitat: Unknown.

Frequency: Rare.

Eradication: Scream, “I am not scared of you!” Sprinkle salt around your room and stay inside your room for one full day.

Did you know? This creature haunts you until you do the above. It is not harmful unless you really upset it. Leaving your bedroom window open at night when nobody is in the house but you, is a way to invite this entity into your home.

Danger level: 4.

Multi monster.

Diet: Anything available.

Habitat: Around the third universe.

Frequency: Single entity.

Eradication: A battle with the strongest people ever.

Did you know? The Multi monster controlled every element that a monster has ever had. It crushed every alien it crossed with its outstanding strengths. Every alien but me and my team. We were left uncrushed.

Danger level: 100.

Gilnird The strong and Mildaud The beautiful.

Diet: Mestian traditionally food.

Habitat: They are always on the run, but they usually settle in hot places, such as the Lava monster’s lair.

Frequency: Gilnird is allusive, but Mildaud likes her beauty to be seen by alien men who pass her.

Behaviour: Mildaud can be easily upset when girls tell her the truth about Earth beauty standards. She is calmed by the affection of Mestian boys who are blinded by her beauty. These boys are those who meet Mestian beauty standards. Mildaud judges men only on their looks and thinks women who people think are beautiful on Earth are ugly.

Eradication: Mildaud hates being called ‘ugly’ by human men, so she stays on Mest where men appreciate her beauty. If one man on Mest called her ugly she would lose her temper and wreak havoc on the world.

Did you know? Gilnird’s strength was given to him by an alien force called The Tills. Milduad’s appearance is far from human beauty standards as Mestians think scales, small, beady eyes and matted but long hair to be extremely attractive.

All Mestians and tribes are different.

My tribe does not tell others what I look like. Stardust was in it and she was meant to be a Glorp from the Glorp tribe. Glorps are Mestians with pointy ears and nose, like elves. Stardust was able to persuade the tribe leaders to put her into my tribe so her friend, Lukar, could join the Glorp tribe.

I am from a tribe with much diversity because aliens that were meant to be in other tribes wanted to join. The leaders had to say yes because I gave them a pardon. I made a mistake letting one of my enemies join.

In my tribe, we learned to play sports such as a game where you skip in a circle with three other people and there arms, tentacles or wings must be linked with yours. As you go in a circle the third time, one of the people at the end can pick up some gravel and fling it into the other planets’ atmosphere. There must three teams and each team will go at a seperate time. The team will the most amount of throws before the gong sounds wins. This game is popular among Mestian girls.

Each tribe teaches different things. Even though my tribe is teaching the ideal things, archery, sports, martial arts and how to tend to someone who’s been wounded on the battlefield. They are all good and helpful to prepare Mestians for the battlefield and the hard life ahead of them. It prepared my young self……..for big Gravel Toss games! Just kidding (but seriously I play a mean game of Gravel Toss. If you challenge me, I will , drive you into the ground and turn you into tiny pieces!)

My multiple flavours cake recipe.

Today I did some baking and this is the closest to the ingredients and technique I used so you can do it too.

  1. Put 2 cups flour in bowl. But you can add as much flour as you need later to maintain a good texture.
  2. Add 3 small cups sugar.
  3. Add 1 drop of almond flavour.
  4. Crack 2 eggs.
  5. Add to mixture.
  6. Add as much milk as possible.
  7. Add 1 slab of butter.
  8. Stir with wooden spoon until smooth.
  9. Add 2 drops vanilla essence.
  10. Stir mixture.
  11. Pour mixture into cake pan.
  12. Bake for 15-20 mins.
  13. Taste cake.

Stardust’s clarafont cake recipe.

Stardust isn’t the best baker, but she knows how to get ingredients and put them into a bowl. Her decorating is not artistry, but it’s not horrible. I would give her a 5/10. We had a bake-off and her cake deserves to be featured here coz she tried.

  1. Put 5 strands of clarafont into a bowl.
  2. Smash the clarafont strands to get the powder out. Use a knife.
  3. Add one tub of verdoo (or because Stardust couldn’t get it, butter.)
  4. Mash ingredients together with a stick.
  5. Bake batter in heating-chamber for 30 links.
  6. Stick poles in cake and put stardust mix on them. Not too heavy coz Stardust’s cake fell over because of this.

How I met one of my best friends, Stardust.

When I was 9 on Mest, I was walking around with my little tiara and diamond ring. I walked down a street where there were pink water lakes everywhere.

Suddenly, three alien boys, who had the same tan skin colour as me, long purple hair, red tentacles that weren’t frightening to me and black eyes, approached me and stole my crown, my diamond ring and my verdoo necklace. They ripped my skirt from my body and ran off. They probably were boys who heard of my good fortune as the princess.

Fortunately, some older girls were practicing Mestian martial arts. They saw the boys robbing me blind. They even saw when they were aggressively tearing my skirt off and it actually hurt a bit. The tallest girl, Stardust, came to me and we chased those boys down the block!

I yelled in Mestian, “Don’t you know girls are more powerful than you?! I will join a tribe when I am older and go after all you boys!” Me and Stardust never caught up to those boys, but if we did, we wouldn’t have run into that Mestian sport field on the way back. That’s where we played a game against a team of boys, me and Stardust Vs two boys. We won and we formed a friendship. The reason I am tough especially when a boy messes with me is obvious.

My work of art cookie recipe.

I am pretty good at art so I decided to share with my friends and followers my mixture of art and baking. I will bake this for my family and friends with my creative abstract art expertise.

  1. Make thick cookie dough.
  2. Roll out cookie dough.
  3. Carve abstract people from cookie dough using a sharp knife. Pointy head, multiple arms etc.
  4. Put cookie dough in oven for 12-20 mins.
  5. Make all colours of royal icing.
  6. Ice cookies in an abstract manner. Big eyes, red hair etc. Don’t forget to give them patterned clothes. Each cookie should be unique.
  7. Share and eat with friends like I do with my culinary masterpieces.

Party on Mest.

I wrote a lot of delicious Mestian cake recipes and thought I would share them with my Mestian friends. So I threw a party at my palace.

The guests, Wikma, Stardust, Star and her sister (,Star and her sister are not from Mest), also brought cakes and they wanted to have a bake-off, alien style!

My stardust explosion cake was already baked. I was waiting for the others to get their cakes baked (because they wanted to bake new ones for the bake-off) and I gotta say, they did an awful decorating job! They used fire-beans on a cake! Star and her sister were on one team. They were actually doing well!

Star and her sister used the ingredients from their planet. Wikma looked at their cake and gave a thumbs up. She was the judge.

Stardust asked me for a tub of verdoo. This was horse play! She couldn’t ask the Queen, her opponent, for an expensive, delicious ingredient at a bake-off! I said no.

She went to the first universe to ask her friend from Earth to bring her some butter! This was also cheating! I said that she can’t use Earth ingredients. But she had already gotten some butter.

I decided to up my baking game and decorate my cake with verdoo. It wouldn’t be cheating for me since I can afford it and don’t need to ask. I am really good at baking and know that someone, even with horrible taste, will love my cakes! Wikma, the judge, actually has good taste so I trust her to judge this bake-off well.

My cake was looking fab! I took a bit of verdoo of it!

Long story short, I won! But I just fed everybody cake after I won and they fed me too. It was lovely! I even introduced some Earth ingredients and they wanted to taste all of my Earthen cakes and cookies and they thought they would be much better decorated than their cakes. They admitted that my baking skills were better than theirs.

My Mestian stardust explosion cake recipe.

First prepare 20 concealment-chambers of finely chopped stardust. If you don’t know how to collect stardust, ask a professional.

  1. Put 20 pre-prepared concealment-chambers (small boxes) of stardust into bowl.
  2. Shake that bowl!
  3. Leave some pink water on the Milky Way for an hour.
  4. Notice the pink water has gotten thicker and colder. Test the coldness by sticking a knife through it. If it is hard to get through, you’ve done well. If it is still watery, leave it in the freezing-chamber for 10 links (mins) at 0 Degrees like a Mestian winter.
  5. Smash the thick, slightly frozen pink water and add to bowl.
  6. Use sharp knife to slice ripe tower fruits top to bottom, with precision.
  7. Add tower fruits.
  8. Mash ingredients together with a stick.
  9. Bake in heating-chamber for 15-20 links.
  10. The centre should be perfectly tough with all the stardust stuck in there. Nice and crunchy! It should be big and thick as the pink water expands in the freezing-chamber. Science!
  11. When taking a bite, notice the tastes and flavours of Mest crammed into one dessert. Share with friends, I certainly will.

Mestian elders.

Since Mest is a planet of intergalactic war, elders were all fighters. My old, immortal great, great, great, great Mestian grandpa was very kind to me. He told me ancient stories from his day. They were all interesting. I was 4 years old on Mest before I knew Earth existed.

My great, great, great, great grandpa’s father created Mest with his own two hands. His daughter, Timpana, was the princess of The Black Planet at the time and she decided to stay at Mest to become Queen. There she developed her love for pink and transformed from a goth Queen to a pink lover like me.

The reason I am who I am is because I grew up for the very first time on Mest, with my Mestian royal, immortal family, The Stars. My Mestian surname is Star. I love pink because that was the only colour on Mest. Living beside a black planet made me love wearing black, but there is no black on Mest.

There was a man in my tribe when I first joined. He was 1000 years old and immortal. He taught me the native art of unicorn-sparkling when you get sparkles from a unicorn by getting them to trust you. His name was Di.

I asked him, “Di, as Queen, do I need to do everything? Is every problem for me to solve?” He just chuckled. He flashed an old, toothless smile at me. He replied with, “I have every known disease on Mest, but it will not kill me as I am immortal. That means I will live with the pain forever. There is nothing to cure me so I can live my never-ending life contentedly. I would love to work and solve all problems just to relieve the pain.” He told me how his bones ached, and that I was very lucky to have a full mouth of permanent teeth.

Di was also a very good prophet. He told me that soon I would get a do-over of my entire life and my full mouth of permanent teeth would have to grow over again, but that it would happen in a strange, new planet. I was scared at first that I would not have these amazing parents and memories. But now I see that Di meant it as a great foreseeable future. I still have my loving parents from Mest, but I have another set and another brother! My life is complete now that I have two of almost everything.

When, on Mest, I first smiled, which, believe it or not, was at the age of 9, my grandmother on my Mestian mother’s side was there and was shocked that a serious, hardworking woman such as myself would flash a grin. The reason for my sudden joy was seeing Stardust at the pink water fountain when I thought she couldn’t meet me there. Then, my grandmother gave me her precious band that she made at the age of 10 out of her mortal mother’s pink hair when she was tending to her when she was unwell. Such a great mother! Unfortunately, tragedy truck when I was born and she died. I leave flowers on her grave ever time I visit Mest. I am so happy I keep a band fashioned from a strand of her thick hair that I hold dear to me forever.

Reconciliation week.

People need to respect their elders. This week is to understand that concept. For all people who have ancestors from Australia, it is extremely important to make something out of reconciliation week.

I, a Mestian Queen, still need to learn about where I live and who was here on Earth before me. I respect and understand my Mestian elders. I need to understand the ancestors of the land that I have grown accustomed to. I know now that all elders are wise, but Aboriginal Australian elders had a very rough time.

All people whether they have dark skin or light skin need to be appreciated. Whether they are from an alien planet, trying to understand their Earth heritage or human through and through. Whether they are boys or girls. Long hair or short hair. Brown or blue eyes. Black or blond hair. We are all different, but yet we are all united! There is one word for this, diversity.

I pay respects to all elders, Mestian or human, dead or alive to this day. I value every hardship that Aboriginal Australians went through to make this country. I value their will to survive in early days of Australia. I value and want to learn their native tongue. I value elders! They give us something to mould ourselves on. They give us something to pray for, whether we know them and they held a place in our hearts or if they are ancestors of us who are just a little part of our blood.

“Never dismiss where you come from.”


My animal (snack) cookies recipe.

  1. Make small amount of cookie dough.
  2. Carve cookie dough into animals that look perfectly similar to real animals. Any animals. Must be small. Any amount of animals depending on size.
  3. Bake for 10 mins.
  4. Make frosting to frost the animals in their natural colours.
  5. For eyes, use sprinkles.
  6. Store these in the freezer until ready to eat. Or eat them all immediately!


There are animals that are endangered by many things. Butterflies, for instance, are losing their homes and me and my friends must plant them some lovely, colourful flowers to pollinate.

All creatures and planets are wonderful. Even my planet and its animals! I am trying to protect all animals.

Because some people put plastic bags in the water, turtles and all sea creatures can eat them and choke. It is very sad.

Some animals are being sold as pets illegally. The animals who need the beautiful wild to survive. Even I need to go out into nature once and a while whether it be on Earth or my sweet planet.

Pangolins are beautiful creatures and they look like lizards who have very bland-coloured scales. The bad thing is, these wonderful creatures are being killed for their scales! There is even proof that there is no reason to kill them for their lovely scales.

Horses are fine fortunately. They are the best! They are my favourite wild Earth animal. They are so pretty. No wonder they aren’t endangered, they are smart and don’t need help from humans or aliens. They also remind me so much of my Earth unicorn, Marshmallow and the beautiful unicorns on Mest.

Thank you! Save the animals!

My rainbow farm cupcake recipe.

  1. Put 10 cups flour in a small bowl.
  2. Add just 2 teaspoons sugar.
  3. Add 3 cups milk.
  4. Mix with wooden spoon.
  5. Perfect! Your consistency is meant to be watery and easy to stir.
  6. Add 2 drops red food dye.
  7. Mix in mixer to spread the red colour.
  8. Stop mixing.
  9. Pour the mixture into cupcake tins. All cupcakes must have equal amount of batter.
  10. Bake for 15-20 mins.
  11. Make frosting and add red food dye.
  12. Frost quarter of a cupcake with red frosting.
  13. Make yellow frosting.
  14. Frost another quarter of cupcake with yellow frosting.
  15. Repeat making coloured frosting in the rainbow order and frosting a quarter of your cupcake with each colour until you reach purple.
  16. Make fondant animals of any variety. They don’t have to be perfect.
  17. Place fondant animals on cupcake.
  18. Repeat decorating process for other cupcakes.
  19. Take these to any party coz when I make delicious deserts, I share with my friends and family.

My two layer colour cake recipe.

  1. Put 10 cups of flour in a large bowl.
  2. Add 3 teaspoons sugar.
  3. Add 2 teaspoons of water.
  4. Stir it up really well.
  5. Add 3 tablespoons of coco powder for that delicious, natural colour.
  6. Add 10 cups of milk.
  7. Mix all ingredients.
  8. Pour mixture into pan and bake for 15-20 mins.
  9. Leave cake to cool and get bowl for second tear.
  10. Put 10 cups of flour in bowl.
  11. Add 3 teaspoons sugar.
  12. Now the general idea is the same as the first tear.
  13. Put batter in mixer while adding pink colouring. Colour should be light and pretty. Tip: If the colour looks more red than pink, add a tiny bit of powder sugar.
  14. Stop mixing once batter is utterly pink.
  15. Add 2 cups milk.
  16. Pour mixture into cake pan.
  17. Bake for 15-20 mins.
  18. Place newest tear onto first tear.
  19. Make vanilla-flavoured frosting.
  20. Spread frosting over both layers.

My choc empire cake recipe.

  1. Put 14 cups of self-raising flour in large bowl.
  2. Add exactly 2 tablespoons of sugar.
  3. Add 2 segments of any chocolate bar.
  4. Add 1/2 cup of cornstarch.
  5. Whisk mixture in mixer.
  6. Pour 2 cups of water to mixture while in mixer.
  7. Stop mixing.
  8. Crack 7 eggs and add to mixture.
  9. You will have the perfect consistency to pour the mixture into a cake pan.
  10. Bake in oven for 15-20 mins.
  11. Make chocolate frosting.
  12. Frost top edges of cake. I suggest you use a piping bag.
  13. Make buttercream.
  14. Frost rest of cake using buttercream, with my perfect precision.
  15. Perfect cake by sticking choc chips in buttercream and sprinkling rainbow sprinkles.

My poem.

Here is a little poem or story I wrote. At times it can be confusing, but the purpose is to tell the truth of a girl or maiden or women. It goes like this :

Tis what she says not that she means. And thus a man, true to his word, cannot keep her attention.

Youth of a maiden, so deep, so pure. Why bother?, wonders old Paul. Too pretty, too senseless, isn’t that correct?

Come hither, Paul grabbed for the door and the mysterious maiden came hither to his command.

She must tell and fall and be hither, where a man may be. Ladies must follow orders from powerful men? On an intellect chart, men would be placed first, unless a woman has made the chart, that would mean it is incorrect? Why do men think such awful things of us? Now, old Paul would say, Because we’re men and we’re always correct. If he said that, I would think, Be gone with thee!

Hither she is not obedient, hither she shall not linger. Off she must go!, Paul bellowed.

The maiden, daughter of Paul, was not frail, nor lazy, tired, nor weak.

The truth is, strength is in her and and any maiden deeply. The river of her soul is raging. It will always flow at a fast pace. Raging on. Steady beats her wise but strong heart.

No maiden is truly weak at heart. Men certainly can be steady and tough, but a maiden’s wits can get her very far. What a moral! A woman’s beauty cannot make her weak nor strong. Tis what is in the heart that makes one strong or weak. Tis not the shell, the exterior you were born with. Tis not your gender. Tis the will to go on, the bravery carried within you.

Thus far, a maiden with a beautiful shell, has a fierce soul. I, a maiden myself, certainly would agree and relate! My soul certainly is a fierce, raging river.

Did y’all like that? Was it moving? I will recite this poem to my friends and everyone I know to spread the girls’ rights message.

“It is not the shell that makes your fait. That lies in your hands and in your soul.

You will have a weak personality, mind and body if your soul is not a river. A river which flows at a fast pace, but you are kind and wise if the river of your soul is flowing steadily, but it doesn’t weaken you.

Those who are kind and wise are untouchable.”

Me (2020)

My horse researches.

Wild horses.

Wild horses often are mixed and don’t really have types of horses. They hate being broken, but they love being tamed.

You know the cruel way of doing it, but there is another way.

I say horses deserve better lives and owners like me. To protect them and train them, wild horses need an owner, but please, if you see one don’t kidnap it.

Breaking them in.

Farmers break horses in and sometimes they get sad during the process. Horses are sorted into stables and given food.

My favourite horse’s name is Goldy. She worked this same way.

History of horses.

Earth’s love for horses grew until the unicorn was born, a majestic creature with a magical horn. The girls of our time are obsessed with these creatures. Then, the unicorn grew and grew until the Pegasus was formed, a horse with wings. On Mest, unicorns are the only kinds of horse.

Soon, the Alicorn was born and a kids’ show called My Small Pony was produced and embraced these creatures.


The Alicorns are horses with no flies and they have horns and wings.

They all have amazing features that humans could never have.

Unicorns, unlike horses, are trained by woodland creatures and are taught to do tricks like show-horses.

Horse racing.

You know horse racing as a common sport, but it is actually harmful to the horses.

The horses are forced to compete against each other. These horses are abused by their owners and might be friends with their opponents, but forced to race them. Help the horses!

Unicorn drawn by me

Lyrics for “Vampire” by myself!

At night, everything you see is darkness and evil but I am here to tell you something, (Ah) I’m never going stop being a

Vampire! Baby, I’m a vampire, sucking evil from the Earth. (Ohh) Teeth sharp like razors. (Razors) Never gonna back down! (Yeah) Dark corners, they’re perfect for me.

I don’t care what other girls say about having dark hair. “Being blond is everything.” They say, “Girl, you don’t know what ya missing with that dark, brown hair! Not to mention the clothes that you wear. Ugh!”

Maybe I’m losing my mind. Maybe I am a vampire but I am evil like the rest. Tell me I am not crazy.

Just kidding! That’s what keeps me sane!

I am the devil, just implanted with a good heart. I am not what I seem. Pretty and powerless on the outside. But, baby, on the inside

I’m a vampire! I’m a vampire! I’m a vampire girl!! Yes, I’ll strike in the night.

My sweet wonderland cake recipe. (For experts.)

  1. Put 10 cups flour into a large bowl.
  2. Add 3 tablespoons baking soda.
  3. Add 5 teaspoons brown sugar to add that great flavour.
  4. Pour 2 cups milk into the mixture.
  5. Crack 5 eggs.
  6. Add egg yolks to bowl.
  7. Whisk the batter real good!
  8. Dribble some strawberry essence in there. Depends on how much strawberry you like. 2 big blobs are perfect for me.
  9. To go with that good ol’ strawberry essence, add exactly 4 drops of vanilla essence. Strawberry and vanilla are delicious together, but the vanilla must be faint!
  10. Mix all ingredients together in a mixer.
  11. Hopefully, now your mixture is the consistency I pictured. If not, you probably messed up somewhere, but not everybody’s perfect.
  12. Pour mixture into cake pan.
  13. Bake in oven for 15-20 mins.
  14. Leave to cool for 10 mins if you like cake warm. If not, leave for a bit longer.
  15. Make pink frosting.
  16. Frost cake from top to bottom. TOP TO BOTTOM! It needs to have a certain look. Feel free to use piping bag, spoon, knife etc.
  17. Decorate farther with rainbow sprinkles only on the top.

My Mestian Litteri recipe.

My favourite drink, Litteri, is too good to keep secret from the world. Mestians all know how to make it because I, the Queen, love to drink it. My family on Mest all have different recipes for it. My grandma still hasn’t told me how she gets the Ranny fruits so stringy at the bottom. But I will tell you how my best friend on Mest, Stardust, makes it and that’s the only recipe anyone will tell me so it is the only one I know.

  1. Pour exactly 5 cups pink water into your glass. Caution: That number does not change no matter the recipe! If it does, serious flavour issues will occur. HEED ME!!!!!
  2. Use a sharp knife to slice the rinds off 3 Ranny fruits. This is just how Stardust and I make it. This number can change.
  3. Add Ranny fruit rinds to glass. Some will sink to bottom. If they turn out stringy at the bottom, you’ve done it very well.
  4. Now that your drink has lots of flavour, go out to get some stardust.
  5. Sprinkle stardust on surface of Litteri.
  6. Enjoy.

My sugar snow cake recipe.

  1. Put 3 cups self-raising flour in a large bowl.
  2. Put 2 tea-spoons of brown sugar into the flour.
  3. Stir all ingredients gently. Using a whisk will work.
  4. Add 4 little drops of lemon juice to add a kick of flavour.
  5. Crack 2 eggs and beat them with a whisk or fork in a separate, smaller bowl.
  6. Once egg yolks are wispy and soft, pour them into the mixture.
  7. Stir vigorously until egg yolks are spread around and in the mixture. I suggest, by own experiences, to stir around the edges of bowl.
  8. Pour mixture into a round cake pan.
  9. Bake in oven for 17-24 mins.
  10. Leave to cool for 15 mins.
  11. Decorate cake by sprinkling powder sugar on the cake to represent snow.

Kitten photo-shoot. (12 weeks old)

Just woke up.
Mr Sassypants over here.
Looking at num-numbs.

“I am Miracle. I am a star like my sister. I do have a big, bad disease, but I will be a positive little bundle of fur. Mummy and my sister say I am getting better. Meow!”

Miracle (2020)
Climbing the walls.

“Miracle is doing pretty well. He is trying his best to resist the temptation of scratching his eye or taking the cone off.”

Me (2020)
Full of energy today.

A sweet Mestian beverage.

There is a drink from Mest called Litteri that, when I was a very young princess on Mest, I liked to set my Mestian parents’ heating-chamber to just the right temperature and drink a nice, cold cup of. I used to add just the correct amount of stardust. (A heating-chamber is a Mestian oven which is more like a room than an oven and it has buttons at the door to set the temperature.)

At Mestian high school, during the time the women had to train for a long lifetime of fighting, I packed a nice jug of Litteri made by my Mestian father. I said its mixture of tang and sweetness gave me energy. My small concealment–chamber could fit it. It was odd for my friends to not drink Litteri 80/7, but they still agreed it was delicious.

Stardust, my Mestian BFF, (who I call Bell as a nickname because of an event that occurred during Mestian kindergarten,) always loved sharing a good, expensive verdoo flask of Litteri with me after a hard day of learning to write the Mestian alphabet. I now know every letter by heart thanks to my teacher, Ja Starlift. (Ja means Mrs.)

Litteri’s hot brew is by far more delicious and satisfying than Earth tea which, when I do drink it, I drink in a unicorn mug.

The mystery with how my old, immortal, sweet Mestian grandma made it is: How do the plump Ranny fruit rinds get so stringy at the bottom? I used to dunk my spoon into the cup and when I pull it out, the Ranny fruits would be hanging off it! I was always the odd one who, when the Ranny fruit rinds dangled off my spoon, eats them. “I don’t care if it looks weird, I love Ranny fruits! They are delicious.” I love how Ranny fruit is so crunchy, but it is soft.

I still like twisting the long pieces of Ranny fruit on my spoon. Since I am sent to Earth, I can only do that at Mest parties.

I will try to make some variation of Litteri on Earth or just collect them from Mest. Maybe I might ask Stardust if we can share some tomorrow. After the Earth storm. I’m thinking 3pm in Earth time.

My sweet, wonderland cake recipe.

When I restarted my life when I came to Earth, I started baking using Earth ingredients and I missed Mest’s delicious, sweet water and stardust pies. I have found, I am great at baking with Earth ingredients. So I decided to make lots of Earth recipes. Here’s one:

1. Put 10 cups of self raising flour in a large bowl.

2. Add 3 tea-spoons of sweet powder sugar.

3. Add 4 dashes of vanilla essence. Vanilla adds great flavour to any cake, but not too much vanilla. Strawberry is good too.

4. Stir gently until the vanilla essence is spread and mixed into the batter.

5. Add 2 cups of milk or soy milk. Big cups or small cups, just don’t put too little.

6. Crack 5 eggs and add to mixture.

7. Stir the mixture.

8. Put batter in pan and bake for 15-20 mins.

Mestian swan cake recipe (Original recipe but in English.)

  1. Pour pink water into a large bowl. (Buy at any Mestian store or use a tap in Mest. )
  2. Take a chunk of verdoo. One chunk would be about enough and if it is one chunk it’ll be cheap too.
  3. Heat the verdoo at 1000 Degrees to get the softness just right.
  4. Stir the verdoo into the pink water for a sweet but tangy flavour.
  5. Add 5 cups of grounded stardust.
  6. Stir vigorously until all stardust is at the bottom. Then stir once again for good measure.
  7. Put batter into heating chamber for 15-20 links (mins)

The big storm.

Miracle cried for me and my brother. He could sense that the storm was coming. I closed the door because I knew it would rain soon. Today there is supposed to be a huge storm.

I was mentally preparing myself and Miracle for the storm.

I knew we would have to do all kind of activities during the storm. Maybe we could finish the shows and movies we’ve been watching.

When the storm is over I will write a comment for this post telling you what happened.

Mestian swan cake recipe. (Not with real swans.)

There are ancient cake recipes on Mest. There is swan cake, my favourite. It requires Mestian ingredients, but they can be substituted with Earth ingredients that will taste about the same. I am happy to share my Mestian recipes with Earth.

  1. Pour water into a large bowl with 2 tea-spoons of sugar. This is to replace our own pink water which is slightly more sweet than clear water on its own.
  2. Melt any amount of butter over a stove for 2 mins. Do not put so much butter that the water would not be sweet. This is to replace finely cooked verdoo.
  3. Mix butter into bowl gently with a spoon.
  4. Add 5 cups of self-raising flour. This is to replace delicious, sweet grounded stardust.
  5. Pour the batter into a pan and bake in the oven for 15-20 mins.
  6. When done, take a bite and taste Mest goodness! Even though this isn’t the cake made with Mest’s ingredients.

My happy cake recipe.

  1. Put 2 cups flour into a large bowl.
  2. Sprinkle some edible glitter into it twice. Must be glittery!
  3. Melt 1 segment of your favourite chocolate bar. This cake should give you joy. Tip: Melt on a microwave.
  4. Dribble the chocolate into the mixture. Do a dance while doing so if that makes you happy.
  5. Stir the mixture gently.
  6. Pour the mixture into any silly-shaped pan and place in oven for 15-20 mins.
  7. Decorate the cake with more edible glitter! Go crazy!
  8. Enjoy your magical, crazy cake.

My anniversary festival on Mest.

As a Mestian Queen, the second holiday will be the anniversary of my coronation. I have talked about this great day on my site. I am going to tell you of how it went last night.

I was running late, but I had to be in attendance so it hadn’t started yet. I didn’t have time to prepare, but I did every other anniversary. My hair was messy and I decided to wear it down.

When I got to Mest, my hair changed from its brown colour that I was given to live on Earth, to its natural shades of pink and purple. I quickly got out of my armour. I had stylish clothes I got from Earth and some garments I bought from a little Mestian shop.

A little girl, who didn’t know what we were celebrating, asked when the dancing would start and I told her, “This isn’t just about dancing, little one. It’s about celebrating the day I, the Queen, became the Queen!” I told her that all in Mestian, because she didn’t know English. She thanked me for teaching her what the night was about. The little girl was very cute.

I declared the first dance, the one that the first Queen invented and danced on her wedding day. I taught the little girl and various other children her age how to dance. I taught them how to “eat the food” which was my way of teaching them how to duck down like a Mestian swan. It’s astonishing that the colours of Earth swans are black and white, when our swans are pink and purple. But I do like the black swans. They seem to know I rule over my pink and purple ones.

I declared that we sing, “Oh fa tana.” This was a song written by the first Queen when she took her people to the palace I was born in, when Mest was going through hard times. She sang it at day-break before giving the prophecy to her people. The prophecy that the Queen after her and the Queen after that and the next Queen after that and onwards, would live in the palace that she sang the song in. The most amazing part, she was just 14 years old! It takes courage to do what she did, and I hope to be an inspiration like she was. So I defeat as many monsters as I can and I will be an inspiration on Earth too.

I went to eat something not from Earth even though I ate a lot on Earth. I ate finely cooked verdoo on a delicious homemade snack from my brother/monster-fighting partner. I licked the verdoo off the top and bit into the solidness.

I did my favourite dance. Then, my mother who lives on Mest, gave me my crown which I forgot to put on. She put me on a stage. She told everyone how important I am and why I am ready to be Queen.

Island party on Mest.

As I said in my last post about defeating the multi Monster, we had a party on an island. Since we are royalty, me and my brother sat on thrones. We drank delicious beverages that my subjects can’t afford.

We went into the water with bathing-suits. I had a one-piece, pink bathing-suit with a red stripe. On Earth, I usually wear an Earth sun- shirt and swim-shorts or an Earth swimsuit to keep me warm. Stardust wore her waterproof armour. She is always prepared.

We saw the pretty sea-kittens and one reminded me of my Earthly land kitten, Miracle. I got to ride that one and I got used to it really quick. I zoomed across the pink water. The water matched my swimmers. Everyone was watching me, saying, “The Queen took off her armour and is in the water. We’ve never seen the Queen without armour covering her. We can see her skin!”

I went back to my throne and moon-tanned. My brother swam with his sea-kitten. The water is thicker on Mest and water is always pink. So my brother took some time to get used to swimming in such conditions.

I drank a Mestian coconut milkshake with a space garnish from Mars.

I went over to the buffet and ate some vegan Earth tofu brought by my fellow female team-member’s friend from Earth. It was tasty. The human who brought it freaked out when they saw me taste it.

Then, I presented my brother’s homemade food which was the best recipe ever. Everyone knew it must be good if i was presenting it. I placed it on the buffet table and flocks of aliens came to eat it.

After that, I told my loyal subjects, “Time to rap this party up. Collect your food and go to your houses.” I got changed into my armour and undercoat. Then I went into my spaceship, put in the code for Earth and came back here.